Trust is one factor that can influence your customers to make a commitment to your brand and keep coming back for more. Thus, every small business should strive to build trust in their customers. When you build trust in your customer, they will be loyal to your brand.  The most important way to do that is to offer high quality products and services. But, this is not enough, because there are lots of competitors out there that are doing the same thing as you.  You need a way to stand out. This is where content marketing comes in.

Creating high quality, tailor -made content will build trust in your customers. Your content will educate your customers and help them to see your brand as a trusted authority in its area of expertise. They will always  prefer you to other competitors.

Before I go on to show you how to use content to build trust in your customers, I want to show you examples of companies who followed this route and achieved tremendous success.

Naked wine

Naked wine is one the companies that understand how to build trust to retain customers. This brand builds trust by providing a platform where people can talk directly to the wine makers. They developed a unique tone of voice and a CRM (Customer relationship management) system that delivers on their promise.

Their customers can browse through their blog to educate themselves and engage with each other. With these strategy, the company was able to exceed its expectations.  They announced that the annual group sales are up 67% earlier this year.

Liverpool Victoria

The second company that maximizes trust building to engage and keep their customers is Liverpool Victoria. This brand tactically uses great contents on their websites to educate and engage their customers.  They also use email marketing, social media and great customer service to build a consistent tone of voice. Their content is promoted across different channels and it is written in a clear tone for everyone to understand.

The two examples above showed that building trust in your customer is important.  Below are 3 ways you can effectively build trust in your customers

1.   Use customized content

In the circular world, everyone loves to have tailor made products specifically designed for them.  These type of products measures you accurately and fits you according to your size. You are not trying to fit into it, because it is made for the general public. It sits on you because it is specifically designed for you.  The same goes for content online.  Write content that specifically addresses your customers’ concerns. You can then recommend your product or service as one of the solutions.  Choose a good presentation format to deliver your content e.g. Case studies, blog posts, e-books and reports, slides, infographics etc.  This is the first step you can take.  The next step is to get your audience to see your content by promoting it

2.     Use different platform to promote your content

Creating content is getting half of the work done. You need to make sure that your customers come in contact with it.  To get this done in a proper way, conduct a research to know where your audience visits more often. For instance, you can use Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc, to promote your content.  When you promote your contents effectively, your audience will engage and share it. It will keep your product or services in their minds and build trust for your business.

When you promote your contents, make sure you listen to responses from your audience and answer their questions appropriately.

3.      Measure your success

Churning out content without measuring the result on investment is tantamount to a waste of time.  How would you know whether it is a success or a failure? How would you know the type of content your audience wants most.

Measuring your success is a vital part of content marketing that must not be overlooked. You can use analytic tools, most of which are free to check out your audience engagements on your content.

When you know what is working and what is not, you will be able to re-strategies to achieve greater results.

Building trust in your customers takes time. As you consistently produce  high quality and customer-centered content, they will trust your brand more.  When you are able to establish trust, your audience will engage with your content and you will have more sales and leads.

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