Pharmacy chains, grocery stores, and sub shops have the luxury of those little “customer loyalty” cards—the ones you swipe or punch with each order and earn rewards over time. For the right business in the right market, this can be an effective way to build passion and commitment to a particular brand.

Of course, online businesses aren’t so lucky. Punch cards don’t work so well for ecommerce brands, yet the need to build customer loyalty remains. So what is an online company to do?

Turns out, content marketing is a big part of the solution. With the right content creation and implementation, you can give your customers a reason to feel strongly about your brand—and to prefer you over your competitors.

Content Marketing Creates Customer Loyalty

And using content marketing to build brand loyalty isn’t even that complicated: It comes down to doing a lot of little things right. Start with some of the following, and see how well they cultivate fidelity among your client base.

  1. Remember to say please and thank you. Well, mostly thank you. Send an automated message after each order, or attached to an invoice, expressing your gratitude to the customer. Keep it simple: Say that you know they have a lot of choices about how to spend their money and you appreciate them spending it with you. This makes customers feel great!
  2. Monitor customer reviews—and respond to them. Keep an eye on Google, Facebook, and Yelp for reviews that spring up—and whether a customer has a complaint or simply wants to offer you praise, take a second to respond with good customer service.
  3. Make values central to your brand. Does your brand care about the environment? About providing affordable solutions for families on tight budgets? About offering convenience and ease to small business owners? Know what your values are, and make them front and center in your content marketing and on your business website.
  4. Start a company newsletter. You don’t have to make it long, and you don’t have to do it more than every month or maybe even every quarter, but sending an occasional email blast is a great way to remind customers that you’re there for them.
  5. Provide valuable content on social media. There’s nothing wrong with promoting your brand, but remember that social media is about more than just selling. It’s also about supporting your customers with educational resources that help them understand your niche, and use your product, better.