Get the duck faces ready, marketers. Selfies became THE hot trend last year and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon.  Last year selfies became the buzzword for social media marketers from Samsung Mobile, to Turkish Airlines.

Brands are posting these face-centric images, and fans are loving them. Let’s take a look at a handful of brands that have turned the camera back at themselves and how they’ve made it work!

GoPro wasn’t always posting user lovin’ selfies but when they started to, fans poured in with even more love. The popular action camera brand regularly posts user generated photos, taken with their camera and generally in action-packed situations.

Not only is GoPro succeeding at integrating satisfied customer selfies into their marketing plan, but they’re also strengthening the relationship between brand and fan with these portraits.

The Takeaway: If fans are already taking pictures of themselves with and/or featuring your product, why not take advantage? After all, that content is just sitting on their News Feed! Search for content that features your brand with hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, and don’t be afraid to curate it right back onto your social platforms. Don’t forget to give credit to the original Ansel Adams photo taker!

With the help of a couple international sports megastars, Turkish Airlines used selfies to construct the most viral travel campaign of 2013. NBA star Kobe Bryant and Argentine fútbol player Lionel Messi were enlisted as the faces of Turkish Airlines #SelfieShootout, which featured an ad with each superstar trying to outdo one another with images in epic locations. In exchange for chimed in epic selfies from contestants, Turkish Airlines gave away one free flight!


The Takeaway: Using these self-centered photos to hold a contest is a brilliant way to reward consumers for their involvement. If a brand can make selfies a working part of a high-value giveaway, it could go viral. The Turkish Airlines campaign reached a whopping 130 million views after only two weeks.

Turkish Airlines isn’t the only brand that successfully paired with an athlete for a duck face-filled marketing campaign.

Lebron James of the Miami Heat and Samsung Mobile teamed up for a Kodak strategy titled #TogetherWeRise. Samsung aggregated snapshots tagged with the designated hashtag into a three-story by four-story moving billboard mosaic outside of the Miami Heat arena two nights before the opening tip of the 2013-2014 NBA season.


If your photo was one of the chosen mosaic pieces, say hello to bragging rights! The images were published online for some extra “look at me” praise. Who wouldn’t want to be paired with one of the best NBA players in the game?

(The online mosaic is pretty amazing. Go check it out here –> )

The Takeaway: Use selfies to make something bigger than just the initial Polaroid. It doesn’t have to be an enormous mosaic, but that’s definitely an out of the box way that fans will love.

You could spotlight these photos on your social channels, as a “Featured Fan of the Week Friday” type of post. User-submitted photos can be curated for content that will then be shared by those users! That’s how things go viral, wink wink.

Axe took advantage of everyone’s favorite holiday (insert sarcasm here) and ran with these mugshots in a big way. Appropriately on Valentine’s Day, a day when guys are dousing on the Axe to smell good for their honey, the brand launched #KissforPeace.

Over 10,000 tweets and 8,000 Instagram posts were tagged, and some were even featured in Times Square by Axe. Much like Samsung did with #TogetherWeRise, Axe was able to take this simple selfie strategy (say that 3 times fast), and turn it into something bigger for both the brand AND brand’s fans.

The Takeaway: Selfie mugshots can make for quick and timely marketing campaigns to gain virality by piggybacking another holiday or current event. If a day is like Valentine’s Day or National Donut Day is approaching, and it aligns with a brand’s messaging, why not get fans involved by running a snapshot-driven campaign just for the occasion? Be sure to pick an appropriate and easy-to-remember hashtag!

Sometimes pointing the camera back at yourself is more impactful than having superstar or user-submitted portraits. With the Star Wars reboot on the near horizon, the brand took to Instagram with its first post ever on the platform.

Instead of posting something super spacey or a sneak peak behind-the-scene of the new movie set, Star Wars decided to have Darth Vader point the camera back at himself for a humorous little photo inception from the Dark Side. The photo went viral online and currently has almost 70,000 likes!

The Takeaway: Getting users and celebrities involved in portrait contests and social strategies works, but sometimes it’s better to let the brand do the selfie work. When done right, posts like the Darth Vader Star Wars close up can gain huge traction and draw in followers.

Selfies became the new buzzword in 2013 and it doesn’t look like the trend is slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it has already been accepted into the Oxford Dictionary. If you weren’t a believer, you should be now! These close-up, sometimes duck faced, selfies are here to stay.

What other brands have used selfies to create buzz? Share your favorites with us below or tweet us a selfie!