As more and more brands look to publish content and become publishers, specialist content agencies are set to flourish.

Recent research data from eConsultancy has found that the majority of marketers now agree that brands are becoming publishers.

The survey of more than 1,300 marketing professionals found that a staggering 90% of all marketers see the value in content marketing and 74% agree to the statement that brands are becoming publishers.

This trend is only likely to continue in the future too. Publishing is at the dawn of a major transformation; we are only just seeing these changes coming to the fore.

Newspapers and the traditional press are in decline and the digital revolution means that there are few barriers to entry when it comes to becoming an online publisher. It is now very easy for any brand or business to start creating and sharing content. This means that areas such as journalism, publishing, advertising, PR, marketing and SEO are all increasingly intertwined.

While these individual marketing sectors are in many respects eating their own tails as they seek to reinvent themselves, a new discipline is emerging: content marketing.

The eConsultancy survey found that 64% of in-house marketers now believe that content marketing is becoming its own unique discipline. Content marketing involves taking all of the above mentioned skillsets – PR, SEO, journalism and marketing – as well as a thorough understanding of the brand and the ‘brand story’ they are looking to create, and then delivering on it.

It is not an easy task, as any marketer that may have dipped their toe in the content marketing pool to date will no doubt be able to tell you. For success, you need planning and expertise.

Currently just 38% of marketers involved in content marketing have a defined strategy in place. While there is still a place for SEO, PR, Marketing and Advertising agencies to work with brands, in the future, expect to see the multi-disciplined content agency there too.