Visa Go WorldThe TV networks have learned an important lesson from all the years of Reality TV.

And believe it or not, what they’ve learned applies both to your brand and your content marketing.

Let me explain.

They’ve learned that the more viewers are allowed to “know” the people competing, the more they will become committed fans of those people and in turn committed viewers of the show.

They know that the more they allow us to know the each person’s backstory, the more we’ll connect with them and become invested in them winning.

I stumbled onto a blog yesterday over at and learned that VISA is using this same technique to promote Olympic athletes on their VISA Go World channel.

They are revealing each of the athlete’s backstory. They are helping us to know the athletes who are competing.

I’m sure it’ll have the same effect on people watching the Olympics as it does on reality tv viewers.

What does that have to do with you and your branding and content marketing?


Tell your story. Reveal your backstory. Expose more of who you really are.
(This should be a part of your content marketing strategy.)

Do you risk losing some people by doing this? Yep!

But, who cares?

Because what will also happen will make it more than worth it.

In the same way those viewers bond with the reality tv stars, people will start to bond with you.

You will stand out in their minds. They’ll “know” you. They’ll become invested in you or your business. (Brand)

And those people you lose will be replaced with fans.

Always remember, fans are worth much more than followers!

Stay tuned for an upcoming post called “The 2 Critical Ways To Make Your Content Marketing Stand Out” where I’ll share two important ways to elevate your content above your competition.

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