When clients ask us how to boost content utilization, age-old angling advice seems to work well: go where the fish are. After baiting the hook with compelling content, you need to cast in spots where your quarry is likely to swim. Using online, social, and mobile channels boosts content utilization because readers engage with content on multiple devices, and at the time and place they choose. Think of these channels as additional choice spots on the stream of opportunity.

Suppose you’ve created in-depth B2B content—such as white papers and solution briefs or e-books and presentations—that elusive prospects should find compelling. Long-form content assets like these continue to shimmer like lures for target audiences, but simply posting these assets solely on a website will guarantee only a few bites.

Casting your line further into additional channels, however, will increase the odds of getting more readers to nibble on your content. And once prospects sample what you have to offer, they’re more likely to become qualified leads, customers, and members of your community.

To understand the importance of using content throughout the sales cycle, take a look at our “Anatomy of B2B Social Content” infographic. You’ll see how long-form content is both the starting point and the endpoint of a successful customer fishing expedition.

That’s why TDA recommends that any original, comprehensive content asset be accompanied by relevant articles, focused posts, and targeted tweets to engage your audience, promote feedback, and drive leads into the sales funnel.

For example, TDA recently created an in-depth white paper for the IBM Systems and Technology Group about taming big data with management and workload scheduling capabilities. To attract more readers, we also wrote the corresponding blog piece, which the client promoted on its social networks.

Of course, attracting schools of readers in any environment requires well-written, compelling content. As another fishing adage goes, if the bait ain’t right, all them fish won’t bite.

If you’re ready to catch more prospects, we’re ready to assess your existing assets and create snackable teasers that can boost content utilization through multiple channels. Because as any angler knows, if you go to where they’re biting, you’re almost sure to land something.