Blog or ebook, which to write?

Both, of course! In this article I’ll discuss how blogs and books will grow your business, how you can build on one to write the other, and how your written words can enrich your offline promotional efforts.

How a blog will help your business

When you blog consistently about content that’s relevant to your ideal customers, it demonstrates your expertise in your topic area. As you add more and more posts, your site increases in value to both people and search engines alike.

How a book will help your business

It’s no coincidence that the word authority begins with author. As a published author, you and your company will gain more credibility in your industry. Personally, you’ll benefit from the confidence, courage, persistence and discipline you’ll draw on to complete your book project.

Ten ways that blogging will help your book

  1. Develops your writing skills
  2. Focuses your thoughts and topics into bite-sized pieces
  3. Gives you immediate feedback from your audience
  4. Provides some or all of the content for your book
  5. Promotes your book to your blog readers
  6. Builds a community of people interested in your topic
  7. Creates trust with its informal and conversational format
  8. Allows people to connect and interact directly with you
  9. Gives you a place to expand on or update the topics in your book
  10. Attracts a wider audience for your book

Ten ways that a book can feed your blog

  1. Take a short section of the book and post it as an excerpt
  2. Post photos from book signings and other events
  3. Go deeper into topics you discussed in the book
  4. Update topics with new ideas or industry changes
  5. Write about how things have changed for a business or client you featured in the book, or yourself
  6. Interview some of the people you wrote about in the book
  7. Publish testimonials from readers
  8. Post quizzes, checklists or other tools that help people use the content in your book
  9. Read sections of the book out loud and post them as audio recordings
  10. Blog about some of the resources you used when writing the book

How your blog and book can enhance your in-person networking and speaking

With a book and blog behind you, in-person events will be easier and more effective.

From the stage, you’ll be introduced as an author, boosting the confidence of the audience and yourself.

When you meet potential customers or referral sources and chat about the types of problems you solve in your business, you’ll have two solid resources to offer.

At live events, you can:

  • Sell books from the back of the room
  • Offer email subscriptions to your latest blog posts
  • Follow up after the event with an email that links to your blog and/or book page

Even if people never read your book or blog, their very existence lends credibility to your expertise on the topic. They both have enormous benefits to your business and as you create one it will feed the other. When the question is which to write, a blog or a book, the only answer is both!