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You work hard to create your audio and video course content. The last thing you want is for it to be stolen. You need a solution that will allow your clients easy access to the content, and an optimal listening and/or viewing experience.

While you can store the files on your site, it will eat up bandwidth, and the streaming may be slow and jerky. A better solution is to host it on a secure server that can handle large files without playback issues.

There are many file storage solutions, but one of the most reliable is Amazon S3.

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 stands for Amazon Simple Storage Service. As the name suggests, it is owned and run by Amazon, with the goal of making cloud storage easy and accessible to its users. It can store a range of files in various formats and sizes. It can even handle large files and offers almost 100% quality playback, making it ideal for delivering your large media files to your coaching clients, course students, and others interested in your content as needed.

It can host software, analytics data and more, so you can back up your entire business in the cloud, for easy file recovery, particularly in the case of a disaster. Pricing varies depending on the service, but there is a free tier that offers 5GB of storage and a certain number of file access requests per month. After that, you would pay as you go, in the same way as you would for electricity or other utilities. You only pay for what is being used, making it an affordable option that is easily accessible while still keeping them secure.

Want to make your files even more accessible, while still maintaining optimal security? Then the S3 Media Maestro plugin for WordPress could be right for you.

The S3 Media Maestro plugin

The S3 Media Maestro plugin allows you to easily place your Amazon S3 hosted media content on WordPress pages so your course material can be viewed from your website, but can’t be shared.

Knowledge is power. Your audio and video files are valuable assets in your business. You’ve worked hard to produce your content, and do need to protect it. But you also need to make it accessible to paying clients.

It works across all devices, including mobile, creating an attractive viewer or player for your clients to access the content. But they can’t share the content because of a range of security features, including unique encrypted links that expire.

You can also set which countries are allowed to access the files to help prevent piracy.

It can be used with any WordPress theme, and you can customize the appearance of the players and skins in order to brand your content. Your WordPress-based site can become a powerful paid membership site or online education site with just a few clicks.

If you’ve been looking for a way to monetize all of your content, try Amazon S3 and the S3 Media Maestro plugin and see how quickly you can grow your course offerings.