Influencer marketing is a new trend of the era, where you hire, inspire or pay potential consumers to campaign for you, instead of addressing a huge number of common buyers. It is also called ‘word of mouth’ marketing’ as the influencer’s image works to build up a brand image. You can prepare the content for the promotion, or the influencers can do it. The influencers are most likely to use the social network for marketing. So, social media marketing becomes a part of influencer marketing; but the two are a bit different.

A brand earns quick credibility with the endorsement from potential consumers in Influencer marketing. It also works to build up a better SEO for the brand website, creating a number of links.

Why to use marketing platforms?

The influencer marketing platforms help to build up connection with the potential influencers of the market. They also assist in developing the promotional content and calculate the metrics of sales and brand awareness. The influencers can earn revenue from the publications.

It is not an easy task to find the right influencer in the vastness of social media platforms; it is also a challenge to convince the influencer. So, one has to choose the right platform that connects with the right influencers, assuring maximum brand exposure and achievement of the marketing goal. Below we mention a few such platforms for your convenience:


With Totems, you can connect with Instagram power-users who publish hashtag campaigns or image establishment campaigns against certain compensation.


Traackr helps you to explore key resources and influencers to build up customers for the business with the desired impact within a short time. The team of experts works day and night to discover the newest marketing techniques for the maximum output of your initiative.


TapInfluence believes that the consumer is the powerhouse of marketing and business development. So, it gathers potential customers who can convince a big audience and amplify the brand exposure with their own image. The platform helps the marketers to create powerful content including infographics or video representation, working together with the influencers. The influencers can earn revenue for their services.

It is another popular influencer marketing platform where advertisers can buy sponsored reviews from influential bloggers with lots of followings and high authority.


Exposely is another big platform to make successful social campaigning contents and hire influencers to amplify the brand exposure. The brands can manage their expenditure and does not need to go by any tough rules of investment. The platform helps brands to measure the social campaign metrics. Influencers can earn revenue from their blog posts.


Fango connects social media creators with the aspiring brands. The brands can build up connection with the most influential creators and receive proposals from them. The platform helps the brands hire and work with a number of creators to boost their brand establishment.


Speakr gathers leading content creators from variety of sources like Tweeter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and Snapchat. It not only increases follow up, but creates meaningful action with the use of psychographics and demographics. A prolonged research on the market has helped the Speakr experts to understand the most effective campaigning procedures to target the right audience for a brand!


Loot helps boost social sharing of brand campaigns. Customers, who are using Loot mobile app, can complete a task requested by a brand and can get compensation or discount offers. These customers need not be labeled as Influencers.


Splashscore connects brands with potential facebook users to build up and boost brand image, against rewards for the brand amplification service.


An official partner of Youtube, Vidrocket gathers influencers with a huge Youtube following. The users create potential video contents for brand campaigning.

It is proved that using Influencers for brand establishment and exposure is a much effective process, but lower in cost than social media ads or PPC networks like AdWords. And often, the output is greater than the effort. So, it is high time you reviewed your current marketing process and choose this new trend of Influencer marketing to see an effective growth in your business like never before!

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