Content creation is all about relationship building. Using a cloud-based simple CRM and sales tracking app, like Base, will help you manage your relationships and increase sales and profitability.

In the last installment of this series, we discussed how a lack of focus on your prospects and clients can have a detrimental impact on lead generation and sales conversion.

Now, we will share how creating unique content focused on the prospect can be beneficial for sales and profitability.

Are you focusing on making a sale or being a resource for your prospects and clients?

Some of the most popular business related videos are popular because they focus on specific need or want and not necessarily a company’s product or service. They focus on a particular problem or challenge for their market.

Remember that 96% of people are searching for solutions to their problems and challenges. Only 4% percent are ready to buy.

However, it is important to note that most of those 96% will buy eventually. It might take 24 hours, a week or two, 30 days and up to 5 years!

Your goal is to continue to build a relationship when people are not quite ready to buy. Your challenge is that you must seek to keep attracting, connecting and engaging your prospects and visitors. Don’t be so in a hurry to close your next sale. Have patience. Focus on your clients and prospects and the sales will eventually come.

There are also SEO advantages and other benefits for attracting, connecting and engaging your new prospects and visitors. That means your mission is to create new and interesting content.

Not only does good content attract new visitors but, it encourages people to share your content.

You should see more Facebook “Likes”, more Twitter Tweets, more Linkedin shares and more Google +s. This potentially might bring you more leads and definitely builds more trust and credibility too! Additionally, this will enhance your Google, Bing and Yahoo search rankings and move you and your company up the search ranking results. (That is, if you are using the best keywords)

Good content that is unique and enjoyed by your market, can get you on the first page above the fold, improve website page visits, average time per page, bounce rate and so much more.

So, What’s The Solution?

  • Be a resource.
  • Position yourself as a strategic partner.
  • Seek to share good unique content.

Sounds like work? You betcha.

But, you say, “I didn’t go in business to write articles, web pages, record podcasts and create videos. This isn’t my job.” It is now. It’s time to put your “big boy” pants on. It’s a new day. The web has changed how business is done. The buck stops with you. You are accountable for your company’s business success, but, it doesn’t have to be your responsibility. Obliviously, you can’t do it all. Hire someone internally or find a good company to do it for you.

  • First, think about your target market.
  • Second, know their passion, goals, challenges, concerns, issues, pain and questions.
  • Third, start creating content specially for best market. (Remember, it’s about them and not you.)
  • Fourth, where is their pain?

Create a website section dedicated to your best clients and prospects. Start creating content focused on your target market: web pages, articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, content section.

People don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy.

Be a resource that helps them to buy and perhaps they will choose your product or service and not your competition. It’s good for the client and it makes good business sense to you too.

In Conclusion

In summary, whether designing a new website, improving an existing one or creating new web content for your website, always focus on your clients and prospects goals, challenges, wants and needs. It could be the difference between sale and a missed opportunity. If you don’t get any calls from your website, it could be your self-serving company website. Sometimes, This will improve your marketing and sales efforts. Also, it will impact your business bottom-line. That means more sales and profits. That makes a good business sense.

Now that we have showed you why focus in so important to your success, we will share with you how to work better in your business to improve sales and profits.

What are you thoughts and comments? What has been your experience? What am I missing? Let us know what you think. We encourage you to share your comments, thoughts and experiences.

If you have questions or you are struggling with the topic, let’s connect and talk. We offer a Sales, Web & Profit Jump Start session for any business owner or entrepreneur who has questions and concerned about their company’s growth, sales and profitability. We encourage you to contact us.