What is RSS? (In English Please??)

You’ve likely heard about RSS or seen the classic orange icon… but sometimes the “what” gets lost in the “how”…

Here’s a short video that covers what RSS is and why it’s useful!

( Thanks to Mitch Mitchell for sharing this with my Google+ stream.)

While I don’t recommend using Internet Explorer (ever), Firefox has built in RSS tools that are similarly user-friendly. (You need to add an extension to make Chrome preview feeds correctly.)

Hopefully you can see from this how RSS can play a useful roll in keeping you up to date on your topics of interest.

Nile Flores over at Blondish.net shares some more basic information on RSS that can help you learn how to use it to your advantage.

This is why so many tools use RSS as their foundation and why there are lots of neat things you can do with feeds from your own site.

PS: One of my favorite uses of RSS feeds is to enter them as sources in my Zemanta browser add-on or WP plugin. Then I use Zemanta to show me posts by blogs I follow on the same topic as mine. That lets me easily link to them. (I don’t use Zemanta’s other tools.) Linking to other blogs and sources is almost as important as interlinking – you need to be doing both!