Last week, the latest Content Marketing Institute (CMI) report revealed the top five challenges facing business to consumer (B2C) content marketers – which included lack of budget and producing engaging content.

As with most challenges, there are solutions – so fear not! In this five-part series, we’ll explain how B2C content marketers can overcome these common obstacles… starting with the financial restraints.

Re-assess your priorities

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You’re a content marketer, so you know how valuable fresh, high-quality content is – but when your budget is looking tight, finding the funds to invest in content creation can seem like a mammoth task. It doesn’t have to be though. Simply re-assess the existing activities taking up your budget, pinpoint those that aren’t generating a decent return on investment anymore and get rid of them. You know content works, so why sacrifice it for something that doesn’t?

What if I’ve got the funds, but they don’t amount to much?

The beauty of content is that even if you only have a small amount to spend on it, you can still squeeze tremendous value from every single piece. You could even see double the return on each piece, just by thinking creatively.

For example, have you just published a great blog on your website? Lead with it in your next company newsletter! Pulled together an interesting whitepaper from your latest customer survey? Offer it as a free download to potential leads.

Money’s just too tight…

If you’re really struggling and just can’t find the funds to outsource your content creation, look at the resources you have internally. You might not know it, but there could be budding writers sat all over your business.

Ask around – are there any budding journalists in the office? Is there anyone who always fancied trying their hand at writing a blog, but was too scared to ask? Sure, they may not all be grade-A writers, but they’ll have plenty of industry experience and knowledge, which – with a little editorial support – could translate into an engaging, relevant piece of content. Why not make the most of what you’ve got?