Before, I wrote a post on using questions for your content marketing. Today, I want to touch on something that converts more prospects and keeps them coming back for more!

What is it?


Yes, feelings are a powerful ingredient to your content marketing campaign. If you make a prospect feel something, you have a better chance to get them to complete a conversion.


Most buyers will buy with feeling and justify with logic. Think about a specially crafted landing page – they make the prospect “feel” like they need what page is selling. It’s not just about spelling out facts and numbers, although that’s another post; it’s about making that person feel something.

Make Business Buyers Feel in 3 Areas

Where do you focus your B2B content marketing focus when crafting messages for prospects?

1. Solve business needs – The business buyer first looks at how a product or service will solve their company’s pain or problem. They all have their own checklists on what’s important, but all look at what’s in it for the company.

When crafting your B2B content marketing message, focus on features and benefits that solve a business problem. For instance, if you’re selling disaster recovery software, cover things like costs of down time vs. costs of your software or even the overall ROI of the purchase.

2. Appeal to their personal side – Business buyers are people, too. That means you need to not only focus on business needs, but also on the target person you’re writing to.

For instance, if you target the technology director of a company, craft personal benefits, not just business. Things you can include might be:

– How your product will give him more time to spend with his family

– The way your product automates processes and helps focus on other duties

– How the product won’t make him look bad, but will make him a company hero

3. Create a sense of urgency – No, I’m not talking about those “call in 30minutes before everything is gone” phrases. What I’m talking about is put in an urgent call-to-action or other content that gets them to “feel” they need your offering right now. That could be a white paper, software demo or other product or lead generation piece.

Create More B2B Content Marketing Conversions With Feelings

Sure, features are an important part of marketing to the B2B audience, but benefits and making the prospects “feel” is also important. Keep this in mind when you’re crafting lead generation and other pieces for a B2B content marketing recipe that’s sure to convert.

How do you make prospects “feel” what you’re selling?