how to avoid content marketing logjamYou are completely on board with the concept of content marketing. You understand that it’s not about what you can sell, but how you can help prospective and current customers by supplying smart, credible information that improves their day to day. Maybe you’re the company owner, CMO, VP of Marketing or a member of the marketing staff who is assigned to handle the content.

You go through the initial content strategy process of identifying your target audience and what they are searching for, and you tailor your output to their interests. You set up an editorial calendar and fill it with compelling topics. You have writers in place, either in house or outsourced. And then you open the floodgates.

A little discussed aspect of content marketing that bogs down the process considerably is content logjam, where you find your business overloaded with a massive backlog of articles. And your to do list keeps growing. It’s easy to ignore the pile and hope it goes away, but at some point you will need to handle your housekeeping and get those posts up on your website.

There are three main issues that cause content logjam:

1. CMS is tedious. The process of posting an article on your website is pretty boring. Current content management systems are clunky and unforgiving. It’s a lot of cutting and pasting, inserting images, adding keywords and making sure that all the details are in order. It usually takes two or three passes before the post looks the way you want it. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of shortcuts yet. Perhaps in the future, someone will invent a method of streamlining  content management system flow, but at the moment, it’s about five years out of date. Accept that CMS, for all of its flaws, is part of the current content creation task, budget the 15 minutes it will take, put on your favorite music and get posting. And if that doesn’t work, delegate. But don’t keep telling yourself you are going to get to it if you’re not.

2. You are a control freak. You’re putting yourself between the content creator and the reader. You’re worried that if the post is not exactly perfect, and not precisely up to your expectations, then it’s a complete failure. Let’s get one thing straight. You are spinning your wheels and wasting precious time and resources simply because you can’t let go. If you are concerned about a perfectly proofread document, hire a proofreader. Yes, being a control freak probably got you where you are today. Now get over yourself, recognize anxiety for what it is, and allow that while you strive for perfection, you are only human. Keep the end goal in mind, which is enhanced traffic and building trust. It’s not about boosting your ego. Don’t get lost in the weeds.

3. You bit off more than you can chew. In the bright and sunny beginning of your content marketing journey, you saw a future paved with countless articles. More than they eye could see. And yes, while a hefty set of articles is great for SEO, increased readership and higher likelihood of customer conversion, you can’t put those articles out all at once. Nor can you expect to get many articles per week posted without a huge staff tasked with creating, posting and pushing it out on social. Time is your friend, not your enemy. If you find that you are overwhelmed trying to get five posts live every week, scale it back to four, three, two or even one. Take a tip from the tortoise and the hare and make steady and predictable a top goal.