Automotive Content Marketing in 2013

I’m back again with another best of content marketing for the automotive industry and if you weren’t able to catch the first one I did, you can find that here. As you may have noticed, many car manufacturers are increasingly using their marketing budgets in new and creative ways in order to entice potential customers into purchasing one of the myriad of products they offer. The automotive marketers use of social media, SEO, and other avenues of online distribution in their campaigns and I have compiled a list of the best automotive content marketing examples in this post.

Automotive Infographics

Custom designed infographics for the automotive industry are all the rage nowadays. Nissan created a great infographic and accompanying campaign to kick off the launch of their new 2012/2013 commercial models. The anchor vehicle in that marketing effort was the New York city Taxi cab. By redesigning the infamous yellow cab for a modern driver and passenger, they aimed to solve the problem of the aging taxi fleets that currently occupy the streets now. They then tied the whole experience around a unbranded domain name of Taxi Of Tomorrow.

The modern car has been around for quite some time over 100 years to be exact and the good people at Go-Part created a compelling visual representation of the evolution of the automobile. While this particular question is not on every car buyer’s mind, it provides a interesting topic that most individuals old enough to drive would find worthwhile reading, as the topic is broad enough to engage many different readers.


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One of the largest purchases that most Americans will make besides housing is the purchasing of a brand new car. Lab42 has put together a very high quality infographic on the process of buying a new car. Not only is it a great design, but it also answers a question many new car buyers ask: “How exactly does the car buying process work?” They have hit the nail on the head and provided immense value to their readers with a tangible answer to an often asked question.

Mobile Apps in Automotive Marketing Campaigns

The next step in automotive content marketing is the use of mobile apps within marketing campaigns. Leveraging the capabilities of mobile apps has been a mostly car manufacturer effort as the cost to create these branded user experiences can be quite costly. BMW and Mercedes Benz apps provide videos of their latest car models and Audi provides consumers with related news, videos, images, and model information for their entire automotive family.

BMW Mobile App

You can even create your very own Rolls Royce Ghost model customizing the exterior, or interior, choosing leather or wood veneer to complete the ultimate in luxury vehicle to share with your associates and family. Rolls Royce has created a branded user experience that offers personalization and keeps their audience engaged for longer periods of time.

Rolls Royce Ghost iOS App

So since so many of these are such strong examples of marketing automobiles in 2013, how do you get a jump on the competition? By being creative and leveraging technology you can create some very unique and interesting marketing pieces for your garage, dealership, or auto specialty service. But if you need a head start, here are some of the common questions your target audience could be asking:

  • How does the car buying process work?
  • What are the steps of financing a new car?
  • How does the trade-in process work?
  • Do you have tips on vehicle theft prevention?
  • How often should my car be maintained (90/180/365 days)?
  • What is the fuel efficiency of the car models you offer on site?
  • What are the benefits of buying a new vs used car?

With content marketing you have the ability to reach and engage your audience in ways that have not been available to you in the past, choosing to pull rather than push your customer into your marketing funnel. This method can have terrific returns on your marketing investment now and in the foreseeable future.

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