This is a quick post to remind you that content marketing can look very different in different contexts.

You might hear a lot about writing guest posts as an important form of content marketing and I highly recommend it.

But there’s a close-cousin to guest posting that’s also important.

It’s article writing.

It’s basically the same idea as guest posting, but it’s used in the context of online or offline magazines.

Let me give you an example of why it’s important and how it can be used.

I read an article on called “Web-Based Marketers: How To Feed The Content Beast” by Pawan Deshpande (click the title to view).

In the article Pawan says, ”These days, high-quality content (and lots of it) has emerged as crucial to driving people to your website and building a brand. Today’s online audience is a beast hungry for content. In order to feed this beast without getting eaten alive, marketers need a balanced content diet, a solid strategy and creativity in the kitchen.”

He goes on to explain some great ways to handle this “beast” with both content creation and content curation. (He gives some great advice, you should really check out the article.)

But did you notice what I noticed?

Pawan is the CEO of Curata. What do they do? They offer a tool that helps people and businesses easily curate content.

Do you see what he’s done by writing this article?

Here are some of the things Pawan’s article does:

  • Draws in potential prospects
  • Gives them valuable information (“feeds the beast”)
  • Positions himself as an expert
  • Promotes his company without having the article look like a blatant ad or a promotion
  • Validates himself and his company by appearing in Forbes

It does all these things without ever appearing like marketing! If you have never thought of getting published in online and offline magazines as a tool in your content marketing toolbox, then you should now.

Learn from Pawan. Copy Pawan!

Photo by mrsdkrebs