I’ve been living and breathing content marketing for the past two weeks, even more than usual. While my own blog languishes, I’ve been busy guest posting and working on the rollout of the first issue of the Australian edition of Chief Content Office (CCO). It’s been an exhilarating time.

“It is a quality of revolutions not to go by old lines or old laws; but to break up both, and make new ones.” Abraham Lincoln, 12 January 1848

The Revolution in Upon Us
I was delighted to be invited to guest post at the Loft Creative blog. The Content Marketing Revolution is Upon Us addresses a huge paradigm shift in the way people are thinking about marketing. Check it out if you’re not sure what content marketing is all about. If you take the Lincoln description of revolution, content marketing fits. Consumers are demanding more information and moving business into publishing. Outbound techniques broadcasting to your target audience have lost their effectiveness. In full swing in the USA, we’re starting to see the emergence of the revolution here in Australia.

Courting International Audiences
Part of launching CCO was getting the magazine localised for publication in Australia and Europe. I selected the name Global Copywriting for my company because I’ve worked in corporate environments in so many places. I’ve been on all sides of the localisation issue and offered to write a post for it at the Content Marketing Institute. Once I got started, it was hard to stop. What I thought would be a quick article ended up being two meaty pieces.

The Great Language Divide
The first post titled, Produce Local, Distribute Global: 3 Keys to Your Content Marketing Localization Plan deals with the strategy required to get your content successfully published in a different market. Once I was done with the strategy, it was time to address the nitty-gritty of localising content. Read Lost in Translation? An 11-Step Checklist for Localizing Content if you have any intention of doing business outside of your home country, even one sharing a common language.

For more insight to localising content for a foreign market, have a look at the Global Reach Copywriting blog by Ann-Christin Lindstedt.

Have you ever distributed your content in another country?

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Image Credit: ABRAHAM LINCOLN in 3-D by Okinawa Soba, on Flickr