fresh blog contentWe often discuss the need for continuously creating new content in the world of inbound marketing. Recently, John [McTigue] wrote a post analyzing Kuno’s top 20 blog posts that spurred my thinking on the value of existing content. Unlike a short-lived traffic increase from pay-per-click, content created on your website will serve as a continuing marketing asset (and visitor magnet) long after you decide to stop buying ad words from Google. If you’re not freshening highly trafficked content (assets) on your website, then you’re missing a marketing opportunity. Here are some simple ways to freshen your existing content:

  • Know What’s Popular  – review your analytics to see where your visitors are heading. It’s not worth your time to update a post that received one visit in the past year.
  • Remove Spam Comments – Whenever I land on a popular blog post that has spammy comments I wonder about the care and feeding of the website. Has the website owner abandoned the website and is simply a one-hit blog post wonder? Monitoring your popular blog posts for spam and removing it is an easy way to maintain your existing content.
  • Update Your Call To Action – Perhaps you’re having a upcoming webinar you want to promote or maybe you have new advanced content you would like to highlight. Why not feature these assets on your most popular blog posts?
  • Add Your Twitter Handle – this is one very commonly overlooked way to grow your Twitter audience and your influence. Here’s the code for adding Twitter to your website or blog.
  • Edit – reread your blog post and check for clarity and spellling. If there’s something you can say with less words do it. Brevity is the soul of our A.D.D world.

I took my own advice and updated my popular Facebook blog post – take a look. With occasional care, your best existing content will continue to nurture leads into sales. What other ways are you improving your popular content? Let us know.

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