Are You Blogophobic? Part #9: What’s the Number One Reason for Content Marketing?

(This is Part 13 in a blog series on understanding – and curing – “Blogophobia: the Fear of Content Marketing”)

In the previous post, Recovery Step #8: Making Time for Content Marketing, I discussed how much time it can take to create and promote your content, listed some time-saving ideas and asked the ultimate question: “Can You Afford Not to Engage in Content Marketing?”

In one of the earliest “Are You Blogophobic?” posts, I listed the top 8 Reasons to Engage in Content Marketing. I actually listed #2 through #8, saving the #1 reason for this post.

Here’s the story that proves why the #1 Reason to Engage in Content Marketing will transform you fromBlogophopic to Blogoholic!

Last summer, my family and I decided we’d take a 10-day trip to Hawaii. And, since I like to post a new blog at least once a week, I had several blogs scheduled to run while I was gone. As well, I wrote a series of tweets – some promoting my blog postings and a daily marketing #tipdujour – that I lined up to run several times a day.

A week into my vacation, I was feeling very relaxed (owing at least partly to the fact that I prepared and published my blog content and corresponding social media publicity). And lo and behold, while I was sitting on the beach in Kauai, sipping a Mai-Tai and enjoying the late afternoon sun, I got an email from a potential client who referenced my latest blog post.

So the #1 reason to engage in content marketing – and transform yourself from Blogophobic to Blogoholic?

Because your content is working when you’re not!

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