It seems like webinars are all the rage right now. Every time I open up my inbox I have 6 invitations to attend webinars about some marketing or sales related topic. Usually I don’t open the emails. Sometimes I do, but I rarely attend the webinars themselves.

So, if you are trying to generate leads, are webinars worth it?

Our Webinar Experience…So Far

We started a twice monthly marketing webinar series in July. The goal of our webinar series is twofold: 1) provide valuable content to our audience and 2) generate leads. Topics have ranged from conversion rate optimization and mobile marketing to Our executives and other expert guest presenters conduct these webinars.

So are we meeting our objectives?

Yes and no.

The Webinar Good

  • We are providing great content. The webinars are legitimately solid and strong and useful.
  • We have generated hundreds of leads from our webinars. These are new leads that hear about the webinars via social media, a guest presenter or our website.
  • We are generating another ‘hand raise.’ The webinars help show us who is really interested. If someone downloads a White Paper they will be less likely to buy than someone that downloads a White Paper and attends a webinar. (That’s the theory anyway).

The Webinar Bad

  • The webinars take time. A LOT of time. Creating a 40  minute slide deck takes 3 to 4 hours at least. Researching the webinar takes far longer than that.
  • The same attendees. What we’re finding is that the same group of people attends each webinar. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily. It just means that they aren’t really interested in buying they’re just interested in the webinar content. So are they technically ‘leads’? I don’t think so.

Are Webinars Worth It?

We think they are. We’re committed to them short-term and long-term. However, we are always seeking to improve them. If you have suggestions let us know.

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