As social media continues its trend towards short form content, one of the ways to add brevity into our editorial calendars is through the use of infographics! Quick and convenient images will allow you to convey incredible amounts of data to consumers with crisp design. Plus, consumers are more likely to share visually engaging content that provides intrinsic value.

Why do Infographics Work?

  1. Strengthened sales funnel. Adding infographics into your content marketing and website design is an effective way to help consumers visualize the benefits of your products and services. Because you can organize information visually, you can help potential customers understand exactly why they should choose to do business with your brand.

Furthermore, because content is more memorable in visual form, it’s more likely to have a long-term impact with readers. This inadvertently raises the ROI for your content marketing efforts.

  1. Short attention spans. Today’s average consumer has a short attention span. Chances are that a reader won’t read a piece of content that exceeds 350 words or take the time to watch a video that exceeds 3-4 minutes. However, visually engaging infographics have a tendency to capture reader attention, especially since visual content can be easily interpreted and retained.
  1. Increased traffic. While infographics have grown in popularity, the majority of businesses still haven’t included this powerful tool into their content marketing strategy. Investing in content without words will distinguish your brand from your competitors. Because web users are more likely to share infographics, you’ll also benefit from increased exposure and traffic to your website and social media platforms.

So what’s the future of the infographics trend? Well honestly, I don’t know, and couldn’t tell you what form of content marketing will prevail tomorrow.

However, if there’s one truth that has remained consistent throughout the existence of the internet, it’s that quality prevails. Whether it’s video, social media, traditional content marketing, or infographics, as long as you publish pieces of quality content, internet users will respond positively.

Have you experimented with infographics or more visual content?