We have another episode from Next Gen of Lead Gen.  It is a monthly  video blog produced by Sparksight for event managers and anyone who  takes sales leads seriously.  This is the third in their series of infotainment videos.

Their previous videos have been:

  • Episode 101: Why Sales Hates Tradeshow Leads
  • Episode 102: Play Your Way to More Leads

In the trade show business, leads are one of the main reasons for having a booth at an event.  However, over the years, the follow-up process after the show can be spotty.  Any angle we can use to tighten up the process would be appreciated by the attendees of a show.  They are there to do conduct business, are you?

Episode 103: Sales Never Takes A Vacation

In this episode, they discuss 5 ways to ensure that your business  thrives during the dog days of summer as well as how to set yourself up  for success when fall rolls around. These tips focus on marketing ideas  and strategies that are perfect to boost business when things are slow.

Listen in:

Yes, Sparksight is selling something, but they package it with compelling content.  This type of content is so sharable.  The humor in it hits home, and you want to send it on to your colleagues so that they can laugh with you or you can discuss a point or two.  I am sure the Sparksight folks would like to see one of their videos “go viral” and that may well happen.

The reason I consider this an excellent example of great content  marketing is they tell a relevant story with humor and relate  information in an entertaining fashion.  The new buzz word is infotainment.  Are you using it in your marketing efforts?

The show floor is a giant lab to assess infotainment.  Unfortunately there are many exhibitors who just show up and hope for the best.  Having ways to engage with your audience that is informative and relevant will distinguish you.

In my opinion, this video leaves a lasting  impression and sets Sparksight  a part from any competition.  Wouldn’t  you want to have a creative team like this working for your firm? [Please note: this post is not a paid gig, I just happen to truly applaud the efforts of  Sparksight, and want show you a benchmark of excellence.]