Content marketing is overwhelming. Between blogging, social media, handling comments, engaging new customers, and making a business more successful, there’s a never-ending to-do list.

But we don’t let ourselves become frustrated, overwhelmed, or even stressed. Why? Because we hold true to our number one priority: Always Be Creating.

With the ABCs in check, online marketers are able to actively pursue their goals. These goals, of course, are the reason businesses need e-based marketing in the first place. Here’s what a well-oiled “ABC” campaign can accomplish:

  1. Increased consumer engagement
  2. Online authority in any given industry
  3. Business-to-business networking potential
  4. Added loyalty from customers, clients, and partners
  5. A springboard for company news and updates
  6. High return-on-investment
  7. The above 6 “side-effects” over and over again

There are two approaches content marketers take to have any shot at successfully managing a campaign. The first is to learn as you go, post infrequently, and never see a payoff. The second is to plan out content and publish with intention to meet the afore-listed goals. The third — our favorite — is to Always Be Creating.

Inspiration and ideas don’t just come when you’re sitting in front of an empty Word document or lowly Facebook page, wondering what to post or blog about. Ideas are discovered when you least expect them. In line at a grocery store? Taking a shower? Scrolling through Google Reader (may it rest in peace…)? Skimming headlines? Ideas for content jump out at the most peculiar times, and it’s the ABC marketer’s job to trap them, cook them, and serve them.

If you’re forcing yourself to write a company Facebook post once a day, a blog every weekend, and follow a few new businesses on Twitter each afternoon, you’re doing it wrong. Yes — regimented calendars are incredibly effective at making sure marketing is consistent. We use them all of the time. The inspiration, however, comes by always creating and sizing up opportunities.

Dare to do something different. The average Facebook user, for instance, will follow a handful of select businesses but care little for what they post. Want to keep that fan and nourish a few likes and shares? Break out of the box and try creating content that is completely new and jumps off the boring newsfeed reel.

I can’t tell you what’s going to come from content marketing or how you’ll be inspired by ABC-ing. What I can say is that Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc. is here to help. Give us a ring — 803.831.7444