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As a content writer, I always like to stay on top of my game. This is for two main reasons – the first being that writing is my livelihood, and if I’d like to keep my livelihood, well, lively, I’d better be on top of it, and the second being that I like to read about writing. I like to read about most anything, really, but reading about writing is so deliciously circular. It’s rather like listening about talking.

One of my favorite places to go to read about writing blog posts is this wonderful compilation post by Darren Rowse: How To Write Great Blog Content. This is a great resource that really does outline the nuts and bolts of blog construction as seamlessly as IKEA instructions. Insert screw A into slot B, get blog. Me Tarzan, you linkbait.

While the advice offered by Darren and myriad other professional bloggers is sound – after all, anybody who makes money by writing can probably speak rather competently about how to make money from writing – I do think that most of these “instructional” posts miss out on one major point when it comes to writing blogs that bang and content that converts.


You Can Learn To Be You In Time: It’s Easy

One of the most important things to consider when deciding whether you’re going to take Darren’s IKEA instruction in hand and go the do-it-yourself route with blogs, or if you’re going to hire a content writing service, is the amount of love that’s behind your words.

Of course, nobody would ever doubt a business owner’s love of the product or service that he or she is selling. Ostensibly, you wouldn’t be in the business if you didn’t love it. But a love of a product or service doesn’t necessarily translate to a love of writing.

Writing isn’t for everybody. That’s not to say that everybody who can’t write – assuming that you’re reading this post, you are likely literate and you understand how to work the internet. Thus, you can write. It’s the same with painting and me – I could buy a canvas, get some paint, and pick up a brush. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good idea in terms of creating art beyond splatter paint.

When I read blogs, I can tell the difference immediately between pieces that were crafted by somebody who loves to write, verses somebody who is just writing to put words on a page – and, likely, you can too. Love of writing is an element that can’t be taught – you either do or you don’t. And there’s no shame in not loving it. Of course, I might think you’re crazy – but you might think I’m crazy for hating boxed macaroni and cheese.

Seriously, powdered cheese gives me the willies. However, man, do I love writing. Different strokes for different folks – you might not want to invite me to your “cheez” fest, but if you need words on paper (or screen) I’m your gal.

Learn To Play The Game

When making a decision about whether to hire a content writing service or not, make sure that you read the words they write and the way they approach your project. You can tell writing that has been crafted with love – it has a unique flow, an element of je ne sais quoi that draws you into the prose whether the writing is about 18th century parapets or carpet cleaning. Writers who love writing will write about anything. And they will do it with love.

Find a writer who writes for love. The difference will be seen immediately on your site. The structure of a good blog can be learned by anybody. Love can’t.

For content that converts, all you need is love. The Beatles were right – unsurprisingly.