Marketers are relying on and using social media more and more to spread their messages.

The real question is are they doing it correctly?

In many cases, marketers are using as many social channels as they can think of. One might argue that this is a smart move because these marketers are doing their best to reach a broader audience. The trouble with this approach is that it’s not only unsustainable (who has the resources to keep that kind of momentum going?) but it just isn’t practical.

Which Channels Should You Choose?

When approaching social channels with content marketing in mind you need to be focusing on the presence of your audience on those channels. Sure, you might have a few hundred people that fall into your target audience using a particular social channel… but does that make it worthwhile to market your brand there? For some smaller brands the answer is yes. For others it makes more sense to target channels where their audience has a stronger presence, giving them better chances for engagement and a larger following.

In order to get the most return on your investment of resources your brand needs to seriously analyze which channels boast the largest percentage of your target audience. Understanding who your audience is, what they want/need, and how they prefer to get it will definitely help you to choose the social channels that will enable you to share your content most effectively.

What Kind of Content Fits Which Channels?

Not every piece of content you produce is going to be a good fit for every social channel.

Different social channels are better suited to different types of content, i.e.

  • YouTube – Videos
  • Facebook – Videos, Images, Files, Text
  • Twitter – Images, Text
  • LinkedIn – Images, Files, Text

And this is only a basic run-down of some of the most popular social channels being used for content marketing. Instagram and Pinterest are two of the newcomers to the social scene, and they focus primarily on images, though Pinterest allows the pinning of some videos as well.

I think the most important question we should ask ourselves as marketers is which channels have the largest portion of our audience and also accept the kind of content we have to share? It won’t do much good to have some of the most awesome blog posts in the history of the internet if most of your audience is on YouTube and you can’t turn your posts into videos in order to reach them! If you want your brand to make the best possible impression and for your content marketing to be as effective and efficient as possible, there has to be some thinking involved. A solid strategy and a back-up plan will go a long way toward helping you establish a presence that you can maintain and be proud of.

I would love to know what you think about content marketing via social media.

Which channels do you use, and why are they your top picks?