content-susan-gilbertImprove Your Content Marketing Reach With Medium

If you are seeking new methods to increase your blog’s readership in addition to social media marketing, LinkedIn publishing and guest articles then Medium works as a great companion to add more visibility for your content.

In 2012 the writing platform began as a story telling outlet, and has now grown to include high profile individuals and brands with topics ranging anywhere from technology, personal development, trending news, business, and more. The purpose of Medium is to offer the opportunity to publish quality posts in a more simplified way.

As your business publishes to Medium your content is being measured by a unique algorithm, which shows whether or not a blog post has been read, how many clicks there are, the amount of recommendations, and the number of views. According to Ev Williams, co-founder of Medium and Twitter, their “goal is to help people pay attention to the most valuable stuff first and to have the best ideas win.”

Similar to WordPress, Medium uses a WYSIWYG editor, which includes options for adding headlines, images, and video:


The finished product is clean, professional, and simple. There are no distractions, which makes the reading of your posts easier to follow, which may include any links related to your blog and external references. Because the format is collaborative with the use of Notes you can invite other team members to add their information to your post as well.


Your readers can also add their own notes and feedback to your articles, which you can choose to be either public or private. This feature allows for additional information such as statistics, updates, etc. You can also use this feature to ask your readers for their input to encourage engagement and community building. Alternatively, your audience may also leave comments at the bottom of your blog posts where you can reply.

Any recommendations and feedback provides your business with an opportunity to follow like-minded individuals in your industry, which can quickly build your network of readers. The more content you publish, recommend, and comment on the higher your visibility will become. And because Medium is connected to your Twitter feed, you have the ability to find your followers there and follow them:


I love Medium for the quick and easy communication, network building, social media sharing options, and additional visibility it creates for my website as well as for boosting my Twitter and Facebook profiles. There are many other great features this blogging platform has to offer, and here are few key components that your business can benefit from:

  • Social shares – The amount of cross promotion on Medium has a big advantage over other platforms such as LinkedIn in that it attracts a large number of shares on places like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn, as shown here on Buzzsumo:


  • Re-purposing your content – A good way to encourage your visibility for your website and blog posts is to publish your articles on other niche websites and platforms like Medium and LinkedIn with a direct and link and reference to the original article. This can greatly increase your subscribers and social media community, which can be converted into leads. You can choose the original full-length format or just a snippet that invites readers to go to your blog and continue. A slideshow or infographic of your additional information can also enhance your readership.
  • Build your brand – Once you have a good amount of articles in place you can use Medium to create list or brand for your audience to follow like this example from The.List:


  • Improve website traffic – By adding your website link to Medium you can track the number of clicks through Google Analytics, and measure how many visitors are coming from this platform to your website. The easiest way to get started with this is through Google’s URL Builder, with full instructions on how to set up here.

As your business begins to publish on Medium you will want to keep in mind that this is a story building blogging platform, which encourages interesting content that appeals to your readers. You will want to set aside promotional articles for your website and press releases with a focus of adding value to your community. The more helpful information the better response rate you will have, which ultimately builds your brand as a leading authority in your industry.