Each day, content marketers look for new ideas to deliver relevant messaging to their clients and prospects. Most marketers use the basics: search engines like Google and Bing to deliver relevant results for both trending news and published web pages. Marketers can then take successful pages (high ranking) and incorporate those ideas into their own strategy.

More savvy marketers take to vertical-specific search engines, like ClipSyndicate for local video news, Google Trends for web search volume, or Topsy for Social Analytics. From these vertical and medium-specific sites, marketers can uncover trending topics before they become “old news.” For example, content marketers looking for rights-cleared, professionally-edited video clips, ClipSyndicate offers more than 4.5 million clips, (unique content) from hundreds of TV stations. They’re also completely free to embed. As are the charts from Google trends.

Learning how you can incorporate both free and cost-effective tactics into your marketing and public relations strategy will extend your strategy beyond branding and engagement metrics (page views, time on site, etc.) to micro and macro conversions: more newsletter sign-ups, white paper downloads, video views, and lead sign-ups and transactions.

We’ve compiled a list of the top content marketing tools to get you started. Take a look, some of these are free to try:

Company Name Link Site Title Tagline
Acrolinx http://www.acrolinx.com/ Our Language Software Guides Authors to Create Great Content Our Software Helps The World’s Greatest Brands Create Amazing Content
AddThis http://www.addthis.com/ Personalize Your Marketing with Smart Data Say Hello to Relevant Marketing
AtomicReach https://www.atomicreach.com/ Atomic Reach is your quality content and content performance platform Write ridiculously good.
Beegit https://beegit.com/ Collaborative Markdown Workspace for Teams Start writing better, together
Buzzstarter http://buzzstarter.com/ Buzzstarter The Complete Content Marketing Solution
Cadence9 http://cadence9.com/ Cadence9 Helping franchisors & multi-unit owners..
Captora http://www.captora.com/ Captora Grow Your Pipeline
Chute http://www.getchute.com/ Visual Marketing Automation Chute Gives Brands Mastery Over the World’s Visual Media
ClipSyndicate www.clipsyndicate.com Rights-Cleared Local TV News for Content Markters Search, choose and embed rights-cleared professional content from over 300 providers
Cloudwords https://www.cloudwords.com/ Translation Management System and Content Localization Solutions Turn Translation Into Global Revenue
Collective Bias http://collectivebias.com/ The power to influence How do shoppers know you?
Content Launch http://contentlaunch.com/ Content Marketing Software – Content Writing Services Content Marketing Software Simplified
Content Runner https://www.contentrunner.com/ Find Freelance Writers Take Full Control of Your Content. Join Us.
ContentDJ https://www.contentdj.com/v2 Social Media Editorial Calendar Software “Sharing content for social media profiles is a zillion times easier with ContentDJ!”
Contentful https://www.contentful.com/ The API- first CMS for multi-device publishing A single tool to reach any screen
ContentGems https://contentgems.com/start Content marketing software tool to find and share great content Accelerate your Content Marketing
Contentivo http://www.contentivo.com/ Employee Advocacy Platform Convert Your Employees Into Brand Ambassadors
Contently https://contently.com/ Contently Tell Great Stories
ContentMX http://www.contentmx.com/ Content Marketing, Newsletters, Blogs, Social Introducing the ContentMX Cloud: Success through Content
Cooperatize https://www.cooperatize.com/ Sponsored Content On Trusted Blogs Influential Publishers Write About your Brand
CoPromote https://copromote.com/ CoPromote Cross-Promotion for Creators. Free.
Copyblogger http://www.copyblogger.com/ Content Marketing Solutions from Copyblogger We Power Websites That Work
CoSchedule http://coschedule.com/ Content Marketing Editorial Calendar for WordPress Plan Awesome Content. Save a Bunch of Time
CrowdSource http://www.crowdsource.com/ Managed Crowdsourcing Solutions Content and Data Solutions
Curata http://www.curata.com/ Content Curation & Content Marketing Platform Scale your content marketing to grow leads and revenue
DivvyHQ http://divvyhq.com/ A Content Planning & Workflow Tool for High-Volume Teams Simplify
Docalytics http://www.docalytics.com/ Content Marketing Analytics & Tracking Sell & Market With Certainty
Docurated http://www.docurated.com/ Accelerate Sales and Marketing Marketing creates content. With Docurated, salespeople use it.
DOZ http://www.doz.com/ Online Marketing done by qualified experts Level Up Your Marketing
Dynamic Signal http://dynamicsignal.com/ Dynamic Signal The Leading Employee Advocacy Platform
e-byline https://www.ebyline.com/ Content Writing – Content Creation – Content Writer World-Class Content Creation by Verified Experts in Your Field
easelly http://www.easel.ly/ Create and Share Visual Ideas Online Create and share visual ideas
GatherContent https://gathercontent.com/ Website Planning Tool and Content Organization Content planning, production & workflow software
Idio http://www.idioplatform.com/ Content Intelligence Hello Relevant Marketing
InboundWriter http://www.inboundwriter.com/ Create Content That Matters Forecast content traffic performance before you write
infogr.am https://infogr.am/ Create infographics & online charts Infographics & charts. The easy way.
Inkling https://www.inkling.com/ Create, share, and measure mobile content at scale. Big ideas. Small Screen.
inPowered http://www.inpwrd.com/ inPowered Native Ads that Consumers Trust
Kapost http://kapost.com/ Build A Content Operation With Kapost’s Marketing Platform The Marketing Content Engine
Knotch https://www.knotch.it/ Knotch Knotch gives you all you need to understand the impact of your branded content
limk https://limk.com/ Easiest Way to Show Related Content Easiest Way to Show Related Content
list.ly http://list.ly/ Lists made easy + social + fun! Discover and create great lists.
Marketing.ai http://marketing.ai/ Content Marketing Software and Content Marketing Framework Say goodbye to your spreadsheets
Movable Media http://www.movablemedia.com/ Content with an Audience Content needs an audience
NewsCred http://newscred.com/ Content Marketing Software – Content Marketing Platform For Brands Create content people love
Niche https://www.niche.co/# All the world’s creators, in one place 11,343 Creators
nudge http://www.giveitanudge.com/ Native Ad Measurement Content Analytics for the native web
Olapic https://www.olapic.com/ Visual Commerce Platform Visual Marketing
OneSpot https://www.onespot.com/ Content Marketing Software Unleash your content to drive business results
Opentopic http://opentopic.com/ Content Curation Platform Surprisingly Simple Content Curation
Parse.ly http://www.parsely.com/ Audience Data and Analytics for Digital Media Publishers Letting Data Speak for Your Readers
Percolate https://percolate.com/ Complete Marketing Software for Global Brands The System of Record for Marketing
Piktochart http://piktochart.com/ Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations Easy-To-Use Infographic Creator
Pixlee https://www.pixlee.com/ Celebrate Customers, Drive Revenue, Smarter Marketing Software for today’s marketer
PixxFly http://pixxfly.com/ PixxFly Unleash Your Content Marketing
Post Planner http://www.postplanner.com/ Facebook Marketing App Saves You 2 Hours Daily It’s Like Having an Entire Social Media Marketing Team On Demand
ProofHQ http://www.proofhq.com/ Online Proofing Software tools More Productive. More Creative.
PublishThis http://www.publishthis.com/ Better Content More often for All Digital Destinations Business Moves in Real-Time. So Should Your Content.
PulsePoint http://www.pulsepoint.com/ The next-generation technology platform The Next-Gen Advertising Technology Platform
Rallyverse https://www.rallyverse.com/index.html We Help You Scale Your Content Marketing Content Marketing is everyone’s job now.
ReadyPulse http://ww2.readypulse.com/ Leverage Brand Ambassadors Inspirational Marketing for Aspirational Brands
readz http://www.readz.com/ A Content Creation and Publishing Platform for Inbound Content Bring Maximum Engagement To Your Campaigns
RebelMouse https://www.rebelmouse.com/ Let Your Content Roar Discover A Different Kind of Enterprise CMS
Reverb https://helloreverb.com/ Reverb Reverb builds technology that connects ideas to people
Right Intel http://rightintel.com/ Enterprise Communication and Curation Platform Share Powerful Insight and Relevant Content
Roojoom http://info.roojoom.com/?src=roojoom.com Turn Content Into Revenue Turn Content Into Revenue
Say Media http://www.saymedia.com/ Say Media Digital Done Better
Scoop.it! http://www.scoop.it/ Content Curation & Content Marketing Software You are the content you publish
ScribbleLive http://www.scribblelive.com/ Content Marketing Software Leading content marketing an live publishing software powered by big data
Scripted https://scripted.com/ Content Writing Services on Demand Content Creation Made Easy
SimpleReach http://www.simplereach.com/ The Standard in Content Measurement and Distribution The standard in content measurement and distribution.
Skyword http://www.skyword.com/ The Art and Science of Content Marketing Moving Stories. Forward.
Smartling https://www.smartling.com/ Cloud- Based Translation Management Platform Translation made easy
SpringCM https://www.springcm.com/ Contract Management Software Keep your deals moving
SqueezeCMM https://squeezecmm.com/ SqueezeCMM Measure the ROI of your content
Stipso http://www.stipso.com/ Stipso People-Powered Infographics
Storify https://storify.com/ Make the web tell a story Simple, Social Storytelling
Thismoment https://www.thismoment.com/ Thismoment Connect your customers with real-time content…Wherever They Are
trap!t http://trap.it/ trap!t Authentic employee advocacy and social selling for engaging people
triberr http://triberr.com/ triberr Home of Influencers An Influencer Marketing Platform
Triblio http://www.triblio.com/ Content Marketing Software Personalized Content Marketing
Virally https://virallyapp.com/ Content Marketing Platform & Analytics Get more leads from your Ebook or Whitepaper
Vistaprint http://www.vistaprint.com/ Business Cards, Postcards, Invitations & More Get the right sign, right here
visual.ly http://visual.ly/ Content Marketing for Brands Your On-Demand Creative Services Team
Voraka http://voraka.com/ Create Deliver Measure The most efficient way to manage your content creation and publishing workflows…
Waywire http://waywire.com/ Curated TV Embed hundreds of top-quality sources from trusted media makers
wochit http://www.wochit.com/ Online Video Creation Platform Create Original Video With Unlimited Access to Premium Content
Written https://written.com/ Content Marketing Service Build a better audience with Written
Wyzowl https://www.wyzowl.com/ Animated Explainer Videos We Create Animated Explainer Videos
Xmplifi http://www.xmplifi.com/ Xmplifi Xmplifi Helps Brands Succeed With Employee Advocacy
Zerys http://www.zerys.com/ Content Marketing Software Platform Got What it takes to Create Extraordinary Content?