We can churn out content as much as we want but that doesn’t mean our target audience will read it. When it comes to content marketing for mom-focused brands, it’s especially important to ensure the content engages your key audience: moms. Between work, kids, household tasks, social media, and so much more, moms are pulled in a million different directions. Make sure your brand’s content catches mom’s eye and engages her long enough to take a few minutes to enjoy it. Here are 10 tips to keep moms engaged with your content:

  1. Be relevant – While many of you target moms, do you know if those are new moms or moms with kids in college? The answer matters. Ensure your content speaks to the specific stage of a mom’s life.
  2. Choose your channel – There are lots of content channels from which to choose, but not all are useful when trying to reach moms. Social media and blogs are among the strongest channels when it comes to where moms find content. If you want to drive inbound traffic to your website, consider adding content marketing to your own site, such as recipe ideas or DIY craft projects. Likewise, you can explore partner sites that do well with your target audience for unique content marketing opportunities.
  3. Be a problem solver – Moms tend to search online when they need something: an answer to a problem, a coupon or deal, instructions on how to do something, etc. Know how your brand can help mom solve some of her problems. When they know your brand provides useful information, they’ll keep coming back in the future, thus creating brand loyal consumers.
  4. Get creative – Your content should express your brand’s personality. Make moms laugh with humor they can relate to, funny kids quotes, and relatable mother experiences that engage mothers of all ages. Use images and videos, as well as content supplied by your audience (ie, photos from social media.) Moms love to share and hear the experiences of others, especially if it makes them laugh.
  5. Make a connection – A survey by Insights in Marketing found that only 31% of moms feel that brands effectively market to women. Moms expect real, authentic connections with and from brands. They want to feel like they matter as an individual and not just as part of a target market. Be real and human in your messaging and interactions, especially on social media.
  6. Try crowdsourcing – This is a fancy term for getting content from your online community. Brands with a strong following can easily employ crowdsourcing as a reliable, rich way to engage and inform. For example, Babycenter’s user community continuously answers questions, participates in forums, takes part in tutorials, etc. As a result, they are considered to be one of the foremost sources of parenting information on the Web.
  7. Ask for feedback – Reach out to moms for their advice and ideas about product and package design, marketing, shopper experience, and more. They will be grateful that your brand takes the time to consider their true needs. P&G did this in a redesign of its Venus Razors when the brand recognized the razor can’t simply be a pink version of the men’s razor. Rather, it incorporated features requested by and designed specifically for women and saw a dramatic increase in market share. This is a clear reminder that brands can’t “fake it and make it” with moms.
  8. Hire bloggers – One in 3 moms are bloggers themselves. They make up a powerful army of content marketers and moms across the country turn to them and rely on them for ideas everyday. Consumers place trust in mom bloggers and their loyal band of followers. There’s a huge opportunity for brands to utilize these women as advertisers and promoters of their products. Mom bloggers provide value to brands and consumers, and their value continues to increase.
  9. Be responsive – With your website that is. Moms carry their smartphones with them almost constantly. However, they’re also the fastest growing user group of tablets. Most tablet usage is done at home, while watching TV, and allows moms time to browse brand websites or watch videos. Now is the time to make sure moms can access products and services when and where they want — from whatever device they want.

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