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There’s no way around it.

Online lead generation requires a lead magnet, (an opt-in offer, usually a piece of content such as an eBook, white paper or case study, which you give in exchange for the reader’s email address).

Creating a strong performing lead magnet costs both time and money.

If you have the band-with or the skills to put together the content yourself, go for it.

But if writing if not your thing and you can think of better uses of your time (e.g. running your business), then do yourself a favour and hire a professional copywriter who understands lead generation and the principles of good persuasive writing.

Whichever route you choose – outsourcing or DIY – once you have a strong content offer in hand, you’ve got to promote the heck out of it.

Promote your content so that it has the chance to do what it was created to do – get the attention of your prospects, draw them to your website, capture their information and pull them into your sales funnel.

Here are eight ways to do just that:

1. Build a Dedicated Landing Page

Attract more eyeballs to your lead magnet with a dedicated landing page – a distraction-free page, separate from your main website, where visitors learn more about the offer and download it.

The landing page should be succinct and it should be written with the intended audience in mind.

If the lead magnet is aimed at existing subscribers for example, don’t waste words on company background information. Get to the point, identify the reader’s problem and how the lead magnet can help solve it.

But if the lead magnet is aimed at new visitors, then you will have to share more in-depth information about the company.

Make sure the landing page has both a strong headline and call to action – strong in terms of both wording and design.

I highly recommend testing key elements of the page – headline wording, headline length, images, call to action text and button colour.

Slight tweaks can produce dramatic differences in conversion rates.

Don’t worry this is not some big job for your web developers.

Even a non-coding, non-techie can build a landing page using some of the very affordable tools on the market.

Here’s a useful article comparing some of the top landing page software builders.

2. Leverage Social Media

Make sure your lead magnet is optimized for social media by including social share buttons within the piece, as well as using images and headlines that can grab attention on social media.

Note down a handful of the key benefits that the reader will get from implementing the advice in the lead magnet and use those to form the basis of social media posts.

You can also look for opportunities to share your lead magnet in other content hubs such as question sites such as Quora and Reddit, Facebook groups and online communities.

3. Seek out Influencers

Give your lead magnet legs by reaching out to influencers to help get it in front of their audiences.

This doesn’t mean finding some rock star to endorse your content (unless of course you happen to know some rock star, in which case go for it!).

Influencers are simply those whose opinion your clients and prospects care about. It could be the President of your industry association, the Editor of a trade publication or the CEO of a big firm in your industry.

Influencer Analysis has a short list of the types of people who could be influencers for your company.

4. Target with Ads

You can drive readership to your lead magnet with paid ads, for example Google PPC ads or Facebook ads.

The key thing to remember with online ads is to be very specific in describing your target audience.

Also, make sure you split test different ad designs and copy and keep optimizing according to the results you get.

Another tip – keep the ad copy and the landing page copy as congruent as possible. The information touted in the ad should be what readers find on the landing page.

5. Consider Using Pop-Ups

Pop-up messages can be annoying, but they are also very effective.

Tools like SumoMe, Exit Intent and Optin Monster allow you to display a popup to your users after a given amount of time, or when they visit specific pages or when the tool senses that the visitor is about to leave the page.

You can also test pop-ups by showing one set of copy to half your website visitors and showing a second pop-up with different copy to the other half of website visitors.

6. Embed them in Emails

Most of your communication with clients and prospective clients is probably by email, so you should embed your lead magnets into your email communication.

Insert a link to your latest lead magnet into your email signature and promote the content in your newsletters.

7. Boost them with Blog Posts

Write a blog post on the same general topic as your lead magnet and place the link to your lead magnet into the body of the blog post.

For example, your post can say that it is sharing a lot of information about X topic but for a real deep-dive download this eBook here.

Many digital experts advise that these in-blog promotions of lead magnets usually convert better than social media or email promotions.

8. Upsell at Every Turn

Once you have successfully convinced someone to part with their information and download your lead magnet, take advantage of this feel-good moment to offer more.

You should have developed a sequence that brings up a Thank You page after each download or emails a subscription confirmation.

But instead of just saying thank you, this is the perfect opportunity to add more value.

Nurture the lead by offering perhaps another piece of content, an invitation to a Webinar, a free strategy session or any offer of high perceived value which can tempt the prospect further down your sales funnel.


Is all of this a lot of work? Yes.

Does it take a lot of time? Yes. (Which is why it may make more sense for you to outsource it).

But is it worth is? Absolutely.

Online lead generation is critical to your business and without lead magnets your online lead generation is going nowhere.

Invest in well-written and well-promoted content now and it can pull in leads for you for a long time to come.