There’s an enormous amount of content being produced daily. In November 2013, users alone published over 35 million pieces of content. It is hard to imagine that you can still say or do something that hasn’t already been done when it comes to online content. The task of creating unique posts can at first seem daunting, but we’re here to help with simple tips that will make this intimidating task a piece of cake.

One of the characteristics of high quality content is its uniqueness. If you’re publishing content that’s very similar to others on the web, search engine algorithms may penalize your website as a result. Originality is just not enough to differentiate yourself. Although originality and uniqueness seem very similar, they are two distinct things. Writing a post in your own words makes it an original piece, however it doesn’t mean that it is unique. Think about the rephrasing of the same sentence over and over again. Each sentence produced is different and original, but they all say the exact same thing. Unique content goes above and beyond repeating the most common ideas out there to make something that truly stands out and gives readers value. Here are some tips to help you do that:

  1. Get personal

Tell your own personal story and share your own personal experiences. Not only does this make your content unique, but it makes your brand/company more approachable. Connect with your audience on a more human level by sharing your stories with them.

  1. New perspective

Take a stand for or against something related to your niche. Show something in a different light. Express your own opinions and point of view, but back them up with facts and real life examples to give your points more weight.

  1. New findings/research

Find out whether your findings confirm or challenge the current research by conducting some new research. Examine your own unique users/readers and put together a case study based on your findings. Fresh insights are always interesting and are usually widely referenced or highlighted by other blogs.

  1. Get in-depth

Many blog posts don’t get into the heart of the topic and really only scratch the surface. Readers thirst for more and are left with more questions than answers. What’s the point of that? Long-form content let’s writers dig deep into a topic to examine all parts exhaustively.

  1. Solve a problem

Don’t just report on the common pitfalls and problems faced within your industry, provide some solutions! It’s easy to criticize and identify the things that don’t work, but the real value is in finding answers to those problems. Your readers will gratefully thank you for the help.

  1. Put a different spin on things

Write a post that draws some interesting parallels between two seemingly unrelated topics. The Atomic Reach blog has drawn inspiration from Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and even The Walking Dead to put a fun twist on content marketing. Get creative and just have fun with it.

  1. Switch up the formats

Play around with video/animation, infographics, photos, layouts, or make an impact by combining multiple formats. Be creative in the way that you deliver content to keep things fresh and exciting.

  1. Don’t forget the title

You took the time to make your post unique, so don’t stop at the title! The title is all that stands between a potential reader and your post. It has just as much importance as the content itself and it greatly influences its success. Something generic and uninspiring just won’t do to set your article apart.

Start creating truly unique content that will benefit both you and your readers with these easy to follow tips. Be truly confident that your content is unique with the Atomic Reach plugin for WordPress that analyzes your content against others to determine its uniqueness. You can learn more about how else it can benefit you here. Will you be focusing more on the uniqueness of your content in the new year? What’s your process for creating one of a kind content? Tell us in the comments!

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