What’s the best way to really dominate your content marketing? How should you try to get your blog off the ground

It’s vital to understand the intricacies of content marketing. This is especially important for B2B companies, startups, and small businesses. Content marketing in today’s world is very tricky if you approach it from the traditional angles of marketing. Approaching it with a preconceived mindset is going to slow things down and hurt you in the long run.

The digital revolution has changed how we market, how we relate, how we communicate, and how we think. Below are 8 points that will help you think differently and approach content marketing in a novel way – to match this new era.

#1 Content is Everything

People are gluttons for data, for material and for content. You have to have information for them to consume. You need to create not just good, but great content. Hire excellent writers, skilled promoters and content creators.

The internet is littered with people who have a lot of fluff and no content, abusing SEO and other advertising techniques just to garner views and get a little free ad money. Don’t be like these people — draw in your audience with quality content.

#2 Consistency is Golden

Consistency is an area where a lot of people fall short. It’s not very helpful to provide new, sporadic content and updates with no predictability or reliability. Oddly, it’s often the independent or freelance organizations that are consistent in producing content, updating blogs, and in general when they publish material. They need to do so in order to maintain their audience.

#3 Content Versus Promotion… Let’s try that again!

It’s a common problem; people spend 80% of their time generating content but only about 20% of the time promoting it. This is just not logical.

But, if you don’t spend as much (or more) time promoting than creating, then how the heck will people know the content you are creating is there? It’s a good idea to have a prepared amount of content to start with (or a backup supply). Outreach and awareness are of utmost importance.

#4 PR is Vital

PR is important. Despite what some say, there is indeed such a thing as ‘bad PR.’ Enhance your PR skills. It’s not enough just to promote your content, but you need to promote it in a way that people can connect to. You need to get onto your audience’s level and relate to your demographic.

#5 Not just Content, Engagement

You need to engage your audience, not just provide them with a stream of content. There are a myriad of ways to do this, such as integrating social media or initiating public discussion. Use a writing style that brings the reader into the conversation.  You can even change your presentation style to one that is more user-friendly and inviting.

If you engage – not just inform – your content will bring in great results. Content isn’t effective without engagement.

#6 Embrace Mobile

Mobile is inevitable — it can’t be passed off as a short-lived fad. Mobile is becoming an integral and respected branch of the greater internet data-sphere. It’s how the internet has really become ubiquitous in all parts of our waking lives.

Create a responsive design that takes the fullest advantage of content on mobile. You’ll need to be able to engage users when they are away from their computers.

#7 Know Your Demographic

Take time to know your demographic. Do your research so you can meet the expectations and desires of this group. Think on their level, and become what they envision you to be. Rock bands do this, celebrities do this and entertainers do this, so you can do it too.

Be Your Content, not just the source of it.

#8 Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Learn to predict how users will search for you, and how they will find you. Hook into the right keywords by using the proper phrases and analytics (i.e., Google adwords) to be sure you’re making yourself visible. Your SEO depends on the search terms real people use. If you optimize for the wrong keywords, nobody will see. Your goal is to provide the most relevant keywords in order to serve the most relevant answer.

There you have it. Follow these 8 tips and you will be well on your way to conquering content marketing!