Your Prospects Love Content

Your Prospects Love Content

Like it or not, the business world has changed; customers don’t go to the store to get the information from a sales guy and they don’t need your sales people to get information either. Now they research products and services on the web  and then when they are comfortable they reach out to the businesses directly.

To take advantage of this change in behavior, business owners, CEOs and marketing professionals are turning to content marketing as a way to give prospects what they want. The result, when people do this well, is a huge improvement in leads from their website.

Below are the eight (8) ways to use content marketing to help you get more leads and close more sales.

  1. Educate – Right now, this minute, there are prospects for your products and services who are craving information. They want to learn, they want to feel that they are going to make a safe and smart purchase decision. Your company is in a position to help them. Educate them and they will come. Warning – this is NOT a sales pitch. Earn their trust by giving them helpful advice and your product will sell itself.
  2. Create constantly – The more content you create, the more leads you will generate. There is really no limit to how much you can create as long as it’s quality work.  According to HubSpot, companies posting at least 3 times a week upwards to several times a day have showed a significant increase in customer conversions. Warning – Quantity does NOT overrule quality. If your content isn’t very good, this approach will not work.
  3. Diversify but don’t duplicate – Do you have just one type of customer? No. So don’t think you can use just one type of content to connect with your prospects. Embrace variety and consider blogs, whitepapers, videos, webinars, ebooks, podcasts, slide shows  and mobile apps. The more options you provide them the more likely they will convert from visitors into leads. But remember not to duplicate content. Google will spank you if you start sending the same content out all over the web.
  4. Link it – While we are thrilled that people are reading our educational materials, our goal is to get leads and that requires links back to your website. Make sure you have links in your content back to dedicated content pages on your website. This gives potential prospects a chance to check out your website and learn about how you help people like them.
  5. Land it – Creating a landing page may seem like an unnecessary step, but rest assured its critical to the success of your efforts.  This helps you track the success of the content and measure which pieces are delivering and which pieces are disappointing. More importantly, these landing pages help turn anonymous lurkers into leads so that we can nurture them with additional content right up to the point where they buy from your business.
  6.  Track It – Every other aspect of your business hinges on performance. From employees to machinery. If something under performs then adjustments must be made. Marketing is no different.  If you realize certain content is faltering then replace it, don’t let it linger when you have other options at the ready.  Maximize your efforts by tracking and analyzing those efforts.
  7. Share it – Remember that college intern you brought in to set-up all your social media sites? Their time was not wasted, nor was yours.  Having a social media presence is essential in helping circulate your content and also receiving feedback. Social signals i.e., likes, re-tweets and comments help in off-site SEO ranking and are soon to be just as relevant as back links.
  8. Enjoy it – Get excited about your content! Not every business out there is utilizing these PROVEN tactics and the fact you have read this article shows you are ahead of the curve and ready to take your inbound marketing campaign to the next level.

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