As any content marketer can tell you, it can sometimes be difficult to continuously churn out new content and sometimes we all invariably hit that block. Did you know that you may already be sitting on a treasure trove of valuable information that somebody is looking for right now, but it just needs to be tweaked and can be presented as new content. By the end of this you may yourself be looking at your old content in a new light, here are 8 effective hacks to revive old content.

Find Your Most Popular Posts

You may have had posts in the past that had performed amazingly, those are the ones you will need! To further verify the quality of the post, you may want to look at the performance metrics in Google Analytics to give you an idea of the numbers when the post was first published. You can also include a few posts which are your favourites or any niche topics which you have deeper knowledge on. Gather together no less than 10 at any one time so you have a decent amount of material to work with.

Amend Dates On Your Post

Most readers will choose not to read content and class it no longer pertinent because you have published it last year, and more times than not this is not true. You may have great insight skills and able to predict trends with amazing accuracy and the views you penned down 12 months ago may still hold value. A quick way to make the post relevant again is to amend the post date to a current date, and you may want to alert the reader that the post is a revised edition to the current year. Everyone loves a remix, so go for it!

Check Posts Are Still Relevant

Have a check on each post to make sure that any statistics, weblinks and references are still up to date as this will ensure your posts will stay true classics and people will keep coming back to it. You would want to check each time you move onto a new design format especially as a quick sense check. As an added bonus, use the FREE Goole Chrome link checker to make sure you don’t have any broken links that may have appeared.

Write A Twitter Post

Going back to the posts you have collected, you will need to have one and create a new list with the title “Twitter List (your blog name)”. Have a look at each post paragraph and for each one you have, summarise it into 100 words. Then take the post URL and use a URL shortener of your choice and add it onto your Twitter post. Depending how many post paragraphs you have on your content, you should have several ready to made twitter posts you can upload into Hootsuite and when they go out, the shortened URLs will link back you your original post

Engage With Your Readers

From time to time, some of your readers will comment on your old post, and this is a great way of reaching out to them. Create rapport with them, thank them for showing an interest in your content and ask for any further views. From then you may even want to drop in any further recommended posts of yours they should check out and again ask for their views and feedback. It may also encourage others to read your post!

Your Top 5 Blog List

If you are on LinkedIn, this is a great one for you! You can include a list to your top 5 blog posts. In fact where you could include a detailed description in your bio pages for any social media platform, adding such a list is a great idea. It will gently highlight to the readers where your popular classic posts are and saving you a job of screaming at them to go read a particular blog post.

Create A Sidebar

If your platform allows for this, then you can add a sidebar management tool with a display all your most popular posts. To give it a bit of freshness, you may want to change the list every so often.

Strike A Balance

With all these tips, I strongly recommend that you plan accordingly, do not do this all at once for all the posts you have as it will give your audience content shock! Where applicable, incorporate these tips into your content planning strategy to fill any blank gaps you may have on the horizon. With all these tips, this should give you enough breathing space and time to get your thoughts together so you are inspired to create your next amazing content piece.

This article originally appeared on Light Tree Media and has been republished with permission.