It’s the age of the eco-friendly business and marketers are doing their bit to recycle and repurpose. While we wont be saving any trees, you can save budget and hours.

Recycling doesn’t mean serving up lackluster duplicates of old stuff. The golden rule of repurposing content is innovation.

Eight clever ways to recycle content and get more traffic

  1. Visualise your words

Create memes with quotes from your blog and post across social media. Another visual representation of your words can be through an engaging infographic. Share across Slideshare,, Pinterest, Google+, Flickr and blog sites such as Daily Infographic, and Infographic Journal.

  1. Syndicate and increase reach

Syndicate your content to other blog sites such as Social Media Today, Reddit, Business 2 Community, Quora, LinkedIn Pulse.

  1. Turn your how-tos into an online course

Repurpose how-to content as an online course. Sites such as Udemy, Skillshare and can help with this.

  1. Create a slide deck

Platforms such as Slideshare and Scribd are perfect for this.

  1. Create a video/audio version

Try Audacity for free. Share on YouTube, Vimeo and iTunes podcast

  1. Host a webinar

Try GoToWebinar and/or Manage the event with Eventbrite and promote on, Google+ events and Facebook events

  1. Create an e-book and distribute with Amazon Kindle and iBooks

  1. Tweet lines from your blog

There are loads of well-crafted phrases and sentences in your masterpiece that are tweet-worthy.