how digital marketing agencies repurpose awesome content

For just a moment, I want you to rethink your blogging strategy. Instead of researching content for a topic, posting a blog article about it, and moving on; I want you to spend more time repurposing and sharing that great content on 8 different content platforms, to reach new and bigger audiences.

Rethink about this in three easy steps:

Step 1: Pick a topic
Step 2: Research content about that topic
Step 3: Find different platforms to share that content

8 Clever Ways to Repurpose Awesome Content

1. Make a checklist

Millions of people search for checklists each year using Google. Checkli is the simplest way to make, publish, and share checklists with the world, to grow you or your client’s brand or business.

My favorite thing about Checkli is that it takes 5-10 minutes to build an amazing, and valuable checklist that your target market can find, save, and complete.

As you can see, you can also embed those checklists on your blog or guest blog.

2. Make an Infographic

If you have limited photoshop skills, use websites like Canva, PiktoChart, and Venngage, to create a infographic full of your awesome, informative content.

According to Neil Patel, he “started releasing infographics on the KISSmetrics blog in 2010, it helped us generate 2,512,596 visitors and 41,142 backlinks

When you’re done share your infographic on as many infographic platforms and directories as you can find. Bam you just reached thousand of more potential customers.

3. Blog

Of course you’re going to still blog about the awesome content you researched. Maybe you’ll even do a couple of guest posts. It’s up to you.

I’m not telling you to stop blogging, I’m telling you to share your content on other awesome content platforms, besides your blog. Your content is super valuable. It deserves just more attention.

4. Podcast

Podcasting is super easy these days. Anyone can start a podcast for little or no money. However, the one thing I do suggest is spending money on is your mic. Bad audio can ruin your amazing podcast.

Yeti makes my favorite mic for about $125.

Each time you research content for a new topic, podcast about it to reach millions of people who listen to podcasts. Sit there for 5 minutes or 50 minutes and talk about the topic. You’ve already done all the research.

5. Tweet (but like this)

This is another super easy one, but it’s also super important. Look through your checklist or blog post, and find 10 facts, quotes or interesting bits of information, then share each one on twitter, using different hashtags.

This really works! Each time, link to your blog post or checklist so the reader can learn more about the interesting information you just shared.

6. Post on Medium

Medium has millions of readers all over the world who get updates when new content is shared about topics they said they’re interested in. But they read their content on Medium, so you need to be there.

Post a shorter, more intimate version of your content on Medium, and reach a whole new group of people. Just make sure it’s 100% unique.

7. SlideShare

Repurpose your content into an amazing PowerPoint presentation, then upload it to SlideShare for the entire SlideShare community to find.

Here’s a super popular one that’s been shared thousands of times. Maybe you’ve heard of the company, AirBnB.

8. YouTube

Making a video about your content is much easier than you think. Actually it’s a lot easier. If you have good video skills, then get crazy with your content, but if you don’t, then do this.

Here’s a free tutorial on iMovie.

Tip: Repurpose the slides you made for SlideShare and use them in a video. iMovie is super easy for anyone to learn and super fast.

You can even add some free audio you find on the internet. I use this site to find CC) free audio files:

Here’s an example I did for this blog post.

Some final thoughts…

Spend more time sharing and repurposing the amazing content you created on different content platforms, so you can reach new and bigger audiences. Don’t limit your content to just your blog. Go to where your target market is, and they are everywhere.

Good luck!