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Producing content is one of the most important things to do as a company. While there’s a lot of mixed information about there regarding content types, the bottom line is that it still needs to be written. Whether you’re having someone help you write your content or you’re planning on doing it on your own, here are some ideas to get you on the right track.

content creation, writer

1. Do a Special Post the Same Time Every Week

Weird Wednesdays? Time Management Tuesdays? FAQ Fridays? Whatever you choose (and it doesn’t need to be alliteration), coming up with a special day of the week to release very specific content is good for two reasons. One, your readers will begin to look forward to these each week, making your numbers boost. Two, it’ll be easier on your content writer when they already know what they need to produce on certain days.

2. Write a Response to Someone Else’s Article

It may not be incredibly original, but writing a response to someone else’s article works, and we’ll tell you why. The internet is full of new and new content everyday. Why keep adding to it, when you can respond to it? Surely, there’s a good opinion article out there that your company either agrees with or finds extremely offensive. While you should of course be careful about what you say, this is definitely a creative approach to writing. Additionally, you could write reviews of books and other things you’ve read that apply to your industry and have resonated with you.

3. Write a Product Recommendation Guide

This type of content of course depends on the business you’re running. But, if your company uses e-commerce and you’re selling a lot of things on your site, lead your customers into the right direction. By writing a product recommendation guide for your clients (this can sometimes be themed around holidays or seasons), it gives them more insight into your products and thus encourages them to make purchases.

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4. Get Personal

Readers LOVE gossip. And, we’re not talking about who the latest celebrity news. We’re talking about letting your readers in on a few little secrets. You can write an article about new employees at your company, an investment your company recently made, or popular trends you’re getting in on.

5. Bring Up Archived Posts

Do you have an archive section on your website’s blog? If you don’t, you probably want to change that. Whether you’ve run out of content ideas for the week or there’s actually something you want to bring up, archived posts are the way to go. Think…you can make titles like, “This Day in (insert company’s name) History.” Show your clients how much you’ve grown together over the last few years.

6. Use Audio, Video, and Image Content

Not everyone likes to read, and that’s really important to remember when developing your content strategy. Mix up your content schedule with not just articles, but videos, slideshows, photos, podcasts, vlogs posts, etc. You’ll appeal to a whole new audience of readers.

content creation, writer

7. Interviews and Stories

Whatever industry you’re working in, there are definitely a few important figures that your customers are following just as much as you. Though, it might be hard to get an interview with one of these people. If you can, great. If not, there are others that your customers won’t necessarily know about, but who will have something of value to add to your site. Do your research, think up some questions, and get ready for an awesome interview or story you can post on your site.

8. Get Help

As long as you keep producing content, you’ll need more ideas. After you’ve used all of these, what will you do? Don’t fret; keep an eye out on the web for more tips. People even write tips on where to find tips. As you long as you remain proactive, you’ll be fine!

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