In today’s competitive landscape, manual content curation efforts just won’t cut it. Discover how out-of-the-box content curation provides far more benefits!

Ask yourself: Do I really have time to create original content for my company? Or find and manage an outside vendor to do this for me?


Do I have enough time in my busy day to find and curate valuable third-party content for my marketing efforts using the internet?

If you’re like most marketers, the answer is no.

Discovering and curating relevant, timely content on your own is time-consuming and an inefficient use of time. Don’t fret though, there is a much better way to do this.

Enter: content curation engines.

What is a Content Curation Engine?

Content curation engines, such as Vestorly, help marketers find the right content without the hassle.

These tools leverage the power of natural language processing (NLP), keywords, and artificial intelligence to discover, filter, and curate highly relevant streams of content for marketers. These curated content pieces can also be organized into specific buckets or categories within a greater content inventory system.

With such a system in place, marketers and businesses of all sizes have a wealth of readily available content at their fingertips—without spending hours on end searching for it.

Embrace “Out-of-the-Box” Content Curation

Yes, manual content curation has its place. You never know when you’ll stumble upon a great article while browsing online.

But that method of content curation isn’t a sustainable process for businesses needing to distribute large quantities of content daily.

And, while simple content curation solutions like Google Alerts and others have their place, they are not robust in delivering streams of out-of-the-box digital content you can share with confidence.

Out-of-the-box content curation finds content that has been discovered and filtered based on a set of stringent criteria such as topics, keywords, sentiment, safety, and compliance with industry standards.

Think of out-of-box content curation like the content delivered to you on apps like Pandora, Spotify, and Netflix. Conveniently curated, presented, and ready to use with minimal input from the end-user. Just scroll, point, click and share.

The Advantages of “Out-of-the-Box” Curated Content

With such a content curation method in place, marketers enjoy advantages such as:

1. Time Savings

Take back the hours upon hours you spend manually curating content from across the Internet. Instead, let a content curation engine do the work for you.

You’ll find you have more time to dedicate to larger projects or tasks.

2. More Exact Searches

Manual content curation requires you to rely on Google for content discovery. Unfortunately, these searches aren’t always as “on the nose” as you need them to be.

A content curation engine understands exactly what type of content you need for your strategy. Through AI, NLP, keywords, and defined criteria, the content engine delivers the right content pieces for your efforts.

3. Reduce Reading or Proofing Time

When you organically discover content online, you must read the entire piece to ensure it aligns with your strategy. This takes up a great deal of time in your day.

By utilizing a content curation engine, you reduce your need to read the entire piece of content for relevancy—the AI-driven software does this for you! The convenience combined with the sheer volume of content found leads to a highly efficient and sustainable content strategy.

4. Access to Thousands of Content Sources

No one person is able to compile a database of thousands of reputable content sources in a short amount of time. But a content curation engine can!

With a content curation solution like Vestorly, marketers have access to endless streams of content from thousands upon thousands of thoroughly vetted sources across the Internet.

All of these sources have been analyzed and approved by the content engine, so you never have to worry about relevancy, quality, or accuracy. You can grab the content URL and use it as you wish across your email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and website feeds.

5. Cost Savings

On top of the savings associated with reducing your labor output, your company will also save tremendously on content marketing costs by embracing out-of-the-box content curation.

With endless streams of curated content, the content you need is always ready—no need to invest in expensive content creation software or inefficient strategies.

6. Endless Content Inventory

The problem with manual content curation or in-house content creation efforts is that you eventually run out of content.

Even if your team is on top of their game and constantly churning out quality content, there will come a point when you don’t have the content you need.

A content curation engine ensures this problem never arises! Instead, you’ll have a never-ending source of high-quality third-party and curated content to choose from at all times. Ready to use or share with a single click of the mouse.

7. Timely Content

The best content resonates with the audience through a relevant topic and timely distribution. A common struggle for those taking the manual curation route is finding content that hasn’t gone stale or out of date.

You can set the criteria on your content curation engine to only source content within a defined time period or pull content from trending topics in your industry.

8. Simple Process

Most importantly, using a content curation engine that provides a comprehensive library of curated out-of-the-box content categories is unbelievably simple.

Log in to the software. Choose your content category. Choose the article you wish to read or share.

The return on your investment is ten-fold as you discover and leverage quality third-party content with little effort. And, with more time to dedicate to other efforts, a content curation engine will become a valuable part of your marketing processes.

Add Out-of-the-Box Content Curation to Your Marketing Toolbox

If you’re wasting far too much time on manually curating or developing original content, it’s time to make the switch to a content curation engine.

An out-of-the-box content curation engine:

  • Saves time and money by expediting the discovery and filtering process.
  • Provides a wide-ranging content library of topics
  • Generates endless streams of content for your marketing inventory.
  • Provides access to digital content from thousands of relevant content sources.

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