Stale, dull, generic content and media are the black sheep of content marketing. Having ancient assets, such as an un-updated Facebook page from 2011, a dead Twitter account, or even a website built in ‘04 by your neighbor, work against your online marketing at every turn.

To bring back a business’ online marketing, we thought we’d share a few quick tips to get you back on track:

1. Refreshed Visuals

Images, logos, and even cover photos are the first things people notice when they find your company online. I’d recommend investing heavily in an artist to build a set of brand-based imagery that can be used for profile pictures on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, letterheads, and any other piece of marketing content.

2. Updated ‘About’

“About” refers to bios, links, and content that needs filled in on social media. Delete everything and start from scratch. Over-write them, if anything, so potential fans can get a clear picture of who you and your business are.

3. Delete and Conquer

Have old content on your website and/or blog? Archive it away, or if you’re really serious about reenergizing your marketing, trash it. Content written four years ago is hardly relevant to who you are today. As a side note, having empty pages is a good incentive for filling them out.

4. Replenished Webpages

Bring in your tech guy (everyone has a tech guy, right?) to completely rebuild your site. Building a website today is much easier than it used to be, especially if you’re using a blog platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) as a content source and a main homepage for directing traffic.

5. Breakout Content

Start your fresh campaign by pushing out big, high-quality chunks of content. We’ve gone in-depth on evergreen articles before, and now’s the time to seriously consider writing a few. With a solid social platform built up, you’re even in a position to share and expose this content to your fans.

6. Reimagined Direction

Just saying that you’re revamping a marketing campaign doesn’t do anything. Businesses need to have a set goal or three to shoot for. Such as…

  • Interest new customers through social media
  • Climb page rankings to battle competition
  • Reaffirm a brand’s status as authoritative

Creating these assets fulfills another important piece of the content marketing puzzle, too: You have control over your brand’s online identity. Lock down your Web domains, Twitter handles, Facebook pages, and other accounts as soon as possible to prevent others from taking your company’s name for whatever reason.

7. Scheduled Marketing

Once redesigned, it’s essential not to let your campaign struggle to make a difference. It’s a constant battle, content marketing, but with the right schedule (i.e., editorial calendar) you can plan out posts and blogs. At Chic Marketing by Grammar Chic, Inc., we design editorial calendars packed full of timely content that allows our clients to always pursue their goals.