content marketing

Email can play a big role in content marketing success. Done right, it makes content marketing easier — click a button, curate content, post it to the web and email it to subscribers. And do it all automatically. Marketers can increase reach while decreasing time and resources spent by following a series of clear steps that will power up their content marketing.

Here are seven ways marketers can automatically integrate and automate content marketing to create and build loyal, profitable customer relationships:

  1. Make News with Social

Convert social posts into an e-newsletter by creating a content board for social posts, and setting it to pull posts automatically from Facebook. Then set the content board to email new posts on a predetermined schedule.

  1. Create a Dynamic Newsletter

Automatically deliver curated web content as an e-newsletter. Any time users see something interesting on the web, they can click on a bookmarklet in their browser to post it, share it and have it emailed automatically to subscribers as an e-newsletter.

  1. Keep it Front and Center

Marketers can centralize content strategy with content boards, which act as a repository for content and can be embedded in web sites, shared to social and automatically emailed to subscribers.

  1. Touch on Targeted Topics

Businesses can create multiple content boards and easily segment content by topic or target audience. Each board can be associated with its own list for automatic e-newsletter delivery.

  1. Boost SEO

Content boards will provide powerful backlinks to businesses’ websites, boosting their website’s SEO power.

  1. Keep it Fresh

Embed content boards in your website. Every time you post new content to your board, your website will be updated too.

  1. Keep it Friendly

Increase engagement with mobile-friendly e-newsletter templates. Take advantage of professionally designed e-newsletter templates optimized to render well across all screens, from the computer desktop to mobile devices.

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