LinkedinThere is little point in creating valuable and influential content if it is nowhere to be seen. Although it is often overshadowed by social media titans like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is an excellent forum to promote your business’s content, if you do it right. In fact, for B2B businesses, LinkedIn may just be the traffic and lead booster that your company needs (at OttoPilot, LinkedIn is our largest source of new leads every month).

Pinpoint your LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn groups are an effective and efficient means to promote your content to a segmented audience. You can tailor your promotion to people and businesses that are the most likely to download your information. If you are a small business operating out of a limited area, the geography of a LinkedIn group becomes a large factor in the effectiveness of the group.

It’s also imperative that you respond to any and all comments on your posts in groups. This interaction with your peers creates rapport that emphasizes your accessibility and authority.

Answer questions.

You likely have expertise in one area (or possibly several) where you could lend good feedback to people requesting information on a LinkedIn forum. If you feel savvy and educated enough to answer a question on LinkedIn, do. Answering questions generates authority for your company in its respective field. This tactic also increases your online presence- the more people see you, the more likely they are to be interested and intrigued by your content. Make sure you include a link to your content. When someone answers questions in LinkedIn Answers, their answer is also paired right next to a hyperlink to their LinkedIn profile. You’ll notice that your profile will be more often viewed then by people wanting to see the Mensa candidate that so eloquently answered that captivating question.

linkedin answers

Update your status often.

Keep the fresh statuses coming. Make sure that your personal connections and your followers maintain up-t0-date information on what your company is doing. Post statuses that are informative about your industry, but also make sure to add statuses with anecdotes like awards received, excitement about articles published, upcoming events, or big news amongst your company. This helps create an accessible online persona that clients can identify with.

Refer people to other relevant information.

Not only should you promote your own content and company updates, but you should also post links to articles, news, and information that you find interesting in your field. Let people know what you’re reading– if you’re connecting with the right groups of people chances are that they will be interested in it as well. Think of this as an opportunity to add value to your network and share a valuable link that you believe others will also find helpful. While this may not directly bring traffic to your own website, it will keep you in people’s news feeds with relevant and high value information, making them more likely to click when you do post about one of your own whitepapers or blog posts.

Use appropriate keywords.

Using the most relevant and appropriate keywords is king when it comes to staying power, especially in LinkedIn Answers and in Groups. What makes this remarkable is that regardless of when you made your LinkedIn contribution your content will be found, illustrating the huge impact that keywords can make and the staying power compared to another tool like Twitter which will not be found a month later. As a test, run a quick search for anything on LinkedIn Answers and you may see questions and answers dating back to 2010 (almost the dark ages).

key word

Get recommendations from previous downloaders.

Reaching out to people who have downloaded your content in the past for testimonials or recommendations is a good way to generate trust. The positive testimonial from a previous downloader could be the deciding factor in a potential new downloader’s decision to obtain your content. Include these recommendations in your landing pages that you can link to when you are commenting on a post, or answering a question.

Analyze your promotional efforts.

Tailor your promotional efforts to the areas of LinkedIn that work best for you. A good way to measure what is working best for your company is by using different tracking URLs in each group, LinkedIn answer, and status update, so you can track what is working best. This way, you’ll not only be able to tell that a prospect came from LinkedIn but that they found your link precisely in your college alumni group. Additionally, check out the top 6 metrics that every business should check weekly, here.

Add your company blog to your profile.

Include your company blog on your LinkedIn profile. This is a simple application that you can install on your profile so your most recent blog posts can be seen on your profile. This way, if you write a post about your new content, your connections and followers are able to see it easily. Sometimes people might not even know that you have a blog and this is a great way to refer quality traffic from LinkedIn directly back to your site through the blog.