Marketers are constantly seeking ways to increase engagement with their content and video is fast becoming the best way to achieve it.

According to eMarketer, daily time spent with digital video has risen from 6 minutes in 2010 to 55 minutes for the average US adult in 2014, revealing a growing consumer preference for video content. This is because video provides the opportunity to create engaging moments that entertain and educate, increasing its authenticity for the viewer. It also appears to aid message acceptance and retention. In fact, an Unruly report found enjoyment of a brand video increases purchase intentby 97% and brand association by 139%.

Whether you are just getting started with video or looking to add more to your mix, here are seven tips to incorporate video into your content marketing program:

1.Identify where video makes sense in your brand’s story. Product demonstrations, customer testimonials, expert interviews and case studies are great ways to both inform and entertain using video.

2. Talk with your company’s subject matter experts to understand how you can use video to convey expertise. Perhaps video can be used to visually break down a complex subject or describe a new product or service.

3. Create videos about topics that are highly relevant in web-based searches – what is researched before the first point of contact. Then perform video search optimization so that your video content ranks successfully.

4. Reuse with purpose. Just because you made a video for the web doesn’t mean it can’t be used elsewhere. Think of how you can edit existing video content for wider distribution.

5. In video marketing, quantity can often reduce cost. Identify how many videos you plan to make, say in a year. Discuss ways to develop a template approach with your production partner. Reusing openers, closers and graphics will help maximize your production budget so that you can create more video content.

6. Consider creating a video with existing photography or graphic assets you already own. Reusing product animations or b-roll can be the basis for a video.

7. Capture stronger marketing metrics about who watched the videos, for how long and in what context. If you understand what is connecting with the audience, you can offer more video content at the right place and the right time.

By incorporating more video into your content marketing program with these tips, you will increase engagement with your target audience and drive real business results.

To help you leverage your video content, JPL has developed A Content Marketer’s Guide for Video eBook series. The three-part series provides practical guidance on integrating video content that achieves higher performance results.