You wouldn’t hastily create a title for your business after months of planning, would273129_l_srgb_s_gl you? Probably not. So don’t do the same with your blog.

A title is everything. It is your audience’s first impression with your content and I hate to say it but they’re fickle friends. As a blogger you need to take advantage of social media, and in order to do that you need a title that attracts readers.

Why does it matter? Because you just spent all that time writing an insightful, educational, and witty post. Don’t let it fall into the wilderness of the Internet by slapping a poor a title that doesn’t capture that ingenuity you put into those three to seven hundred words.

In my research to help you help yourselves I came across a great HubSpot article that suggests 6 characteristics of an exceptional blog title:

  1. Actionable
  2. Brief
  3. Keyword-Conscious
  4. Clear
  5. Definitive
  6. Intriguing

Here’s my advice on how to create a blog title that resonates

  • Don’t wait till the blog post is finished to create a title. As your blog evolves, let your title go with it. Keep a notepad next to you while you write to jot down ideas and keywords you know you need to include.
  • Don’t write a misleading title that doesn’t match your content. It will turn away returning visitors because if you do it once, who is to say you won’t do it again?
  • Be sure to include a keyword. This keyword will then be in both your title and most likely your URL. In turn, this will positively impact your search engine rankings. To figure out which keyword you think will be found easier, use tools like Google AdWords.
  • Position that keyword in the beginning. If it’s a long title with the keyword at the end, it can be cut off by results. Also, if they can’t see it, how does a reader know it’s there?
  • If you are writing a “how to” post, make sure you include it in the title. If you have bulleted content or a numbered list, make sure to somehow tie this this into your title. If this isn’t the case, do NOT put a title giving the impression your post is an easy to read and digest. It’s misleading your readers and as I mentioned before, that’s a BIG no-no.
  • Consult a colleague. Take your word pad of titles and share with a friend. Two heads are better than one, especially when it involves a fresh mind who isn’t caught up in the content
  • Don’t be shy. Controversy, sensationalism, and big claims are what blogs are for. They pique interests, spark curiosity, and inspire clicks. Plus, everybody loves some good drama, don’t be afraid to play that card.

What other tips do you use for creating blog titles? Let me know by commenting below or telling me on Twitter @LindseyNNelson.