Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal if you want to generate more business . You can use interesting and informative content to attract more visitors to your website, generate leads and convert leads into clients.But in order to succeed with content marketing you need to devise a plan which must fit into the overall marketing strategy of your organization. Follow these 7 steps in order to achieve success with content marketing:

  1. Develop a strategy: You must develop a content marketing strategy which must fit complements your overall marketing plan. Plan how much content you need and identify channels to promote it. Also identify formats in which this content must be published .Don’t forget to set up budget and time frame in your plan.
  2. Research your audience: Research about your audience and what they are looking for. You must have a crystal clear picture of your audience, their needs, doubts and how you can remove their doubts about your product/service.If you can complete this step successfully then you’ve already won 50% of the battle.
  3. Content Creation: Creating content for your audience is not an easy task. In order to create a successful content marketing campaign you need a plan with well defined goals and objectives, a team which can consist of internal stakeholders and marketing agency. Many businesses are trying to create as much content as possible in as many formats as they can. This is the mistake which can cost you dearly. You don’t need a mountain of content what your organization need is content which can attract clients, engage them and convert them into repeat customers. At this stage you must also sort out the question of formats. I’ve discovered that the number of formats directly depends on Industry. In some industries for example people prefer video but in others whitepapers and research reports can be popular. So you must focus only on the most important formats.
  4. Editorial Team: Delegate individuals from your own organization and if you are working with an outside marketing agency build a team which consists of your marketing agency and your employees who will execute your organizations’s content marketing strategy. An editorial team is a must have for implementing a content marketing strategy. Ideally this team must have members from sales, marketing and management of your organization and one person must be appointed in the role of Managing Director. It’ll be the duty of this team to collaborate with marketing agency, create and distribute content and at last measure the results.
  5. Create an Editorial Calendar: You must have strict deadlines and an editorial calendar in place . For example I have a plugin WordPress Editorial Calendar installed on this website which helps me in scheduling blog posts. I have already planned blog posts for the next 2 months. Planning in advance can save you from brainstorming at the last moment.
  6. Content Distribution: Identify channels through which your content is going to be shared . You can use guest blog posts, social media networks, search engines etc to distribute your content. But only focus on the channels which are relevant to your industry. Try to identify most popular channels among your audience. If your audience is business professionals then you can focus more on Linkedin instead of twitter.
  7. Measure: After creating and distributing content the last step of content marketing cycle is to measure results. Many managers face problem when measuring results of content marketing . I often hear people argue that there is no way to measure ROI of content marketing and social media. This can’t be farther from truth . You can measure returns of content marketing but the question is what metrics you are measuring . In order to measure ROI of content marketing you need a holistic approach and set up marketing automation and measuring systems in place so that you can track each and every activity of your website visitors.

These are just few steps to a successful content marketing campaign . Please leave your comments below and share this article.