They say great runners are built in the offseason. Once cross country and track seasons end, most runners take a break, waiting until next season to train. Though this is normal, it’s not the most economical or effective practice. Fitness ability begins to dwindle in as little as three days without running, accelerating into massive losses after only two weeks. The result? When next season begins, runners must get back into shape, rebuild their aerobic base, and regain their speed. Wouldn’t it be more effective to train minimally during the offseason?

For businesses, the “summer lull” is a similar offseason. Business is slower than usual, employees are on vacation, and people simply want to get out and enjoy the summer sun. Some companies even pull back on their marketing. After all, the rush for the holidays doesn’t begin for a few weeks and cash flow is tighter than usual. Doesn’t it make sense to save your marketing power for later?

Not quite.


The reality is that summer is the perfect time to invest in content marketing, especially as competitors ease their foot on the pedal. At Content Equals Money, our summer sales have increased three years in a row, so your competition is putting a serious portion of their budget toward marketing this summer. Are you?

Consider the factors that make summer the perfect time to invest in content marketing:

The internet never sleeps. It’s safe to assume that your competitors don’t either. Everyone is fighting for that coveted top ranking on Google and similar search engines. Consistently providing valuable content improves SEO while growing brand awareness. Improving rankings takes time, so don’t backslide on your progress by ignoring content marketing. Search engines regularly update their algorithms, so it’s important to always keep your head in the game and stay up-to-date on the latest trends.

Always engage your audience through content. Whether it’s through social media or your business blog, fight for your audience’s attention before they move elsewhere. If customers feel ignored by your brand, they’re 89 percent more likely to switch to a competitor. Is your content consistently creating a positive experience?

Opportunities for summer-themed messaging. Who doesn’t enjoy a good summer deal? Now that the sunlight is out, it’s important to keep things upbeat and cheerful. Your readers will be feeling great, as they’re enjoying the warm weather and embarking on family vacations. This gives you unlimited opportunities to publish seasonal content they care about.

For example, an eyewear business might discuss the importance of protecting your eyes with high-quality sunglasses. An insurance company, on the other hand, might publish business blogs about safe road tripping and how to get the best deals on vacationing. Similarly, a fitness company might consider focusing on the desire to get a “beach body.” Summer comes with increased opportunities for marketing, which results in more business for you.

Opportunities to compete. The “summer lull” is a marketing pitfall for many businesses. If your competitors slack during the summer months, this is the ideal time to kick it into gear and get ahead. Similar to the fable of the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady content marketing wins the business race. Achieving desirable SEO and brand awareness takes patience, time, and careful planning. Don’t forego success by ignoring content marketing during the summer months!

Higher productivity. Summer scheduling is a challenge. Handling summer vacation requests doesn’t necessarily mean that your business will lose productivity. It actually boosts your company’s productivity in the long haul! Think of it this way: vacations give your employees an opportunity to relax and re-energize. When they come back to work, they’re rested and happy, which makes them more productive.

While they’re gone, there are cheaper and economical solutions to fulfill the work they leave behind. For example, outsourcing your content means your clients will still receive their orders on time. Plus, with such a cost-effective solution, you enjoy a greater profit margin.

Consumers are more likely to remember brand messaging. Since not every business markets during the summer months, consumers are more likely to remember content and advertisements. There’s also science that proves why it’s beneficial to market during the summer – more sun means more endorphins, which, aside from boosting spirits, also helps the brain remember more information.

Avoid a marketing flop. Since it takes 3 months to comprehensively determine the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, it’s better to start revving the marketing engine now instead of immediately before the holiday rush. This gives you the opportunity to see what does and doesn’t work. By fine-tuning your marketing campaign during the offseason, you can hit the ground running during the fall and winter.

Establish yourself as a consistent thought leader. The key to earning consumer trust is consistency. Sporadic posts on social media or your business blog will go ignored, since consumers have no reason to follow sporadic content. An editorial calendar, however, creates a sense of normalcy and gives your audience a reason to come back for more. Simply committing to a minimum of two blog posts a week can do miracles for your business blog if you don’t already update it consistently.

The summer doesn’t have to be a bummer for your business and your marketing efforts. Are you taking advantage of the bright advantages content marketing has to offer?

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