content marketing resourcesI write a lot of content, either for my own blog or for great online publications like Business2Community. These days I only ever write content myself and provide 100% unique information. However I can’t always do everything myself and do occasionally use certain tools to help me create the best articles possible.

Below is a list of resources and services that I use and recommend. If you are just beginning with a content strategy for your business or if like myself you create content daily you should find that using many of these services will help speed up your article creation.

Keyword Research

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Straight from the source. Allows you to manually check search volume, CPC, etc. for Google AdWords advertising.  Must have an AdWords account.

LongTailPro – With its speed and ease of use, this has become my primary method of keyword research when it comes to finding great keywords to target for articles. Comes with a free 10 day trial.

Content and Article Writing

Fiverr – Using Fiverr is a great way to have articles and images created for your business for only $5. Quality is not always the best however it is affordable. Use Fiverr if you are confident proof reading and making small improvements to content.

TextBroker – Amazing quality of content from these guys, but a bit expensive. I recommend sticking with 3-star writers, 4-star writers are good, but not worth the extra spend.

iWriter – Cheaper for their “average” articles than TextBroker, but their top quality levels aren’t as good.  I use iWriter for creating articles on my Web 2.0 websites.

Unique Article Wizard – UAW is an article spinner and submission service. People used to call UAW their “secret weapon”, both because it’s so powerful and because it was relatively unknown.

Customer Contact

AWeber – Once you have connected with your audience it’s essential to stay in touch with them. AWeber is the best when it comes to e-mail list building.  Well price and feature rich. Aweber won’t cost much until you get above 10,000 subscribers.

These are just some of the resources I use when I create content on just about every day of the week. While these will help speed up your content creation I can’t stress enough that you are always ultimately responsible for the quality and uniqueness of the articles you produce. There are no shortcuts to creating quality content.