…And Get More Eyes on Your Content!

Content is essential for your business, as you know. Creating amazing valuable content is even more essential.

Google loves good content, your visitors and followers love good content.
But producing good content is the first step.

Distributing it so many more people see it, is the second most vital step.

Also known as “CONTENT MARKETING” — A strategic marketing approach to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and distributing relevant and valuable content and drive profitable customer action. (Content Marketing Institute)

Content marketing is the way to proliferate your content and your brand’s reach.

Here are some ideas that work for me and my clients. I hope you find these useful for your content distribution.

1. Social media

Organic social media is such an important, easy and free channel for distributing your content! You can grow your brand awareness, educate people about your industry, products and services, engage in personal dialogue with consumers, and be there to support your customers!

2. Partners & Influencers

Seek out partners and influencers that will spread your content online via social media, webinars, podcasts or at in person events and trade shows.

3. Free content promotion platforms

Sign up and upload content for free, again, helping you reach out to a target audience and influencers that will be interested in your content. The content you share on these platforms will be shown in the search and will give people ways to reach you: Youtube, Reddit, Digg, Slideshare, Triberr JustRetweet, Scoop.it

4. SEO

If you create a good SEO foundation with your keywords and content, it will show up at the top of Google search engines results when people are searching for solutions and answers.
Simple, but effective SEO techniques:
Research your target market
What problems they are looking to solve
Do keyword research
Create good content that addresses this

5. Paid content distribution

You can use paid advertising to increase your reach, on an ongoing basis, or when you need an influx of reliable traffic for something specific:
To build a critical mass on the launch of a new campaign
To target potential leads when hosting an event
To make high-performing content reach a larger audience

Paid content can include: Native advertising on Facebook/Instagram, Sponsorships, Ad Networks, Influencer marketplaces and networks, paid search, remarketing.

6. Social sharing for WordPress

Add social share buttons to your website or blog! Social Warfare is a great plugin for this and makes sharing your content fast and easy.

7. Email

Don’t forget to always send EMAIL updates on your latest content to your list!

What strategies do you use for your content distribution?
Would love to know in the comments below!