Are you struggling to find the right words to sell your product or idea?

Do you want to find better words that sell to maximize your conversions?

All writers know how important word choice is, and the power that a single word can have on readers. Choosing the power right word can be the difference between them taking action and remaining passive readers…

It can be the difference between writing content that’s memorable and content that’s easily forgotten.

Using power words is a simple way to increase your conversions, as they are strong, persuasive words that writers use to trigger specific responses in readers to persuade and influence them; however, trying to come up with the right ones can be difficult and time-consuming, as there is no one-size-fits-all, perfect power word.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. Check out our list of 640+ power words that sell to maximise your conversions, which we’ve divided into different categories to make it easier for you to find what you need.

Just remember that using every power word you can think of regardless of the context and expecting results can be as ineffective as not using any.

Think about what action you want readers to take (e.g., to buy a product, subscribe, comment, sign a petition, etc.), and what emotions will help persuade them to take that action, then find the best words to trigger that emotion.


Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

You might already think these words are persuasive, but did you know that many consider them the most persuasive words in the English Language? Read this interesting post on Copyblogger for research behind why these five simple words are so persuasive.

  • Because
  • Free
  • Instantly
  • New
  • You

Most Persuasive Words in Advertising

In 1963, David Ogilvy published a list of what he believed to be the 20 most persuasive words in advertising. Even though this list is over 50 years old, they are still powerful words that we should keep in mind.

  • Amazing
  • Announcing
  • Bargain
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Easy
  • Hurry
  • Improvement
  • Introducing
  • Magic
  • Miracle
  • Now
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Sensational
  • Startling
  • Suddenly
  • Wanted


Words for Popular Blog Post Headings

According to The Oribi Blog, the most popular blog post headings included these words.

  • Big/Huge
  • Critical
  • Hacks (or a variation of this word)
  • History
  • Science
  • Smart
  • Surprising


Words to Increase Facebook Shares, Likes, and Comments

According to Neil Patel’s infographic The Surprising Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media, these words are the best ones to share on Facebook to get more shares, likes, and comments.

  • Amuses
  • Comment
  • Deals
  • Discounts
  • Inspires
  • Post
  • Should
  • Submit
  • Take
  • Tell use
  • Warns
  • When
  • Where
  • Would

Words to Increase Retweets

According to Neil Patel’s infographic, you should also use these words if you want to get more retweets.

  • 10
  • Blog
  • Blog post
  • Check out
  • Follow
  • Free
  • Great
  • Help
  • How to
  • Media
  • New blog post
  • Please
  • Please retweet
  • Post
  • Retweet
  • Social
  • Social media
  • Top
  • Twitter
  • You


Words to Call to Action

A great—and obvious—place to use these words is the start of call to actions. Combining these with words that trigger a feeling of urgency can be particularly effective in persuading readers to take action.

  • Add
  • Buy
  • Call
  • Claim
  • Create
  • Discover
  • Download
  • Get
  • Join
  • Launch
  • Learn
  • Promote
  • Send
  • Share
  • Sign up
  • Start
  • Subscribe
  • Trial
  • Try

Words to Provoke Anger

As long as their anger isn’t directed at you, using words to provoke anger can be a great way to persuade readers. If you intend to make your readers angry about a problem before offering your solution, these are the kinds of words you should consider using.

  • Arrogant
  • Corrupt
  • Cruel
  • Destroy
  • Devastating
  • Discriminatory
  • Disgusting
  • Exploit
  • Evil
  • Force-fed
  • Had enough
  • Hate
  • Heartbreaking
  • Immoral
  • Lies
  • Never again
  • Obnoxious
  • Pointless
  • Provoke
  • Sick and tired
  • Smug
  • Suffer
  • Struggle
  • Underhanded
  • Unethical
  • Unfair
  • Unjust


Words to Build Trust

Building trust between you and your readers is incredibly important, whether it’s trust that you only use reliable sources in your research, trust that you won’t send them spam if they subscribe, or trust that you’ll be honest about your products. Telling your readers to trust you will probably make them think the opposite, but using these words can help encourage them to trust you.

  • According to
  • Authentic
  • Authoritative
  • Cancel anytime
  • Case Study
  • Certified
  • Expert
  • Fully refundable
  • Guaranteed
  • No obligation
  • Official
  • Privacy
  • Professional
  • Proven
  • Reliable
  • Report
  • Research
  • Results
  • Secure
  • Studies
  • Tested
  • Verify

Words to Imply Logic

These words have a similar effect as the words that encourage trust. They can reassure the reader that you’re being logical, reasonable, and objective.

  • Analyse
  • As a result
  • Because
  • Consequently
  • Example
  • For this reason
  • In order
  • Logical
  • Makes sense
  • Organise
  • Reasons
  • Science
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Why

Words to Encourage Community

If selling your product or idea requires you to create a sense of community and make readers feel that they would be joining like-minded people for a worthy reason, use these words that trigger feelings of belonging and a desire to be a part of something bigger.

  • Be a part of
  • Help us
  • Join
  • Let’s
  • We can

Words to Spark Curiosity

Make the most of what few words you have in your headings by using one of these words to spark their curiosity. Intrigue them. Feed that urge that makes them feel they must click on your blog post to satisfy their curiosity.

  • Astonishing
  • Banned
  • Bizarre
  • Censored
  • Confessions
  • Confidential
  • Controversial
  • Cringeworthy
  • Did you know
  • Elusive
  • Extraordinary
  • Eye-opening
  • Find out why
  • Hidden
  • Hilarious
  • Imagine
  • Life-changing
  • Magic
  • Mysterious
  • Myth
  • Remarkable
  • Revealed
  • Revolutionary
  • Secret
  • Shocking
  • Sneak peek
  • Strange
  • Surprising
  • You won’t believe

Words to Offer Exclusivity

Who doesn’t want to be invited into a secret club? Use these words to entice your readers with the promise of exclusivity.

  • Be the first
  • Before everyone else
  • Behind the scenes
  • Exclusive
  • Insider
  • Just for you
  • Limited
  • Members only
  • Membership
  • Rare
  • Secret
  • Sneak peek
  • Special
  • Unique

Words to Target Fear

Fear is such a strong emotion, and words such as these can be effective in grabbing the reader’s attention and persuading them to take action to avoid a fearful situation.

  • Alarming
  • Caution
  • Crisis
  • Danger
  • Disaster
  • Frightening
  • Horrifying
  • Mistake
  • Nightmare
  • Risky
  • Shock
  • Trouble
  • Unexpected

Words to Target Greed

Combine these words with words that trigger a feeling of urgency to persuade people to buy your products. They can be particularly effective on those who wouldn’t usually spend but can’t resist these words.

  • Bargain
  • Bonus
  • Cheap
  • Discount
  • Double
  • Extra
  • Free
  • Giveaway
  • Half price
  • Marked down
  • Massive
  • Prize
  • Profit
  • Reduced
  • Reward
  • Sale
  • Triple
  • Unlimited

Words to Make it Personal

Use these words to make your content seem more personal, which helps to establish a connection with the reader by writing as if you are talking directly to the them.

  • You
  • Your
  • I
  • My
  • We
  • Our
  • Us

Words to Imply Specificity

Readers like to know specifics, and these words will trigger that desire to know the exact “what”, “why”, and “how” of what you’re selling. For instance, if you want to convert your readers into subscribers, convince them that your writing tips will explain exactly how to improve their writing in specific examples or detailed steps.

  • Because
  • Certain
  • Comprehensive
  • Exactly
  • Explain
  • Define
  • Definite
  • Detailed
  • How
  • Identify
  • In-depth
  • Precise
  • Specific
  • This
  • Why

Words to Imply Simplicity

People don’t want to read content that’s overly long and difficult to read, so use these words to persuade them into thinking that your content is easy to read and won’t take much time or effort.

  • All it takes
  • Basic
  • Cheat sheet
  • Easy
  • Easy-as-pie
  • Easy-to-read
  • Effortless
  • Formula
  • Guide
  • How-to
  • In less than
  • In no time
  • Just
  • No problem
  • Nothing to it
  • Simple
  • Piece of cake
  • Practical
  • Quick
  • Step-by-step
  • Straight forward
  • Template
  • Tricks

Words to Imply Urgency

Use these words to persuade readers to take action immediately by implying scarcity, limited time, and loss aversion. Instead of making them want something, make them not want to lose something.

  • Act now
  • Clearance
  • Deadline
  • Don’t miss out
  • Ends soon
  • Expires
  • Hurry
  • Never again
  • Now
  • One day only
  • Last chance
  • Limited
  • Running out
  • While they last

Good luck with your word search!

Have any powerful words to add? Let us know in the comments below!