With 3 billion presentation views per month, SlideShare has become the number 1 website ­­with the .net domain SlideShareRockstar(source: Entreprenuer.com). It’s also among the top 120 most visited websites in the world. Content marketers who haven’t considered adding SlideShare to their toolbox might be surprised to know that of all social media platforms, SlideShare has the greatest share of online traffic.  In fact, SlideShare is regarded as the giant of content marketing – according to Steve Olenski, a contributor to Forbes Magazine.

The following tips will help content marketers get started integrating SlideShare into their content strategy.

  1. Think visuals. SlideShare is a visually driven platform. Visuals receive 94% more views than text-based content (source: SlideShare) Content marketers will need to start creating marketing content focused on presenting their message using eye catching visuals. SlideShare accepts videos, infographics PDF documents and PowerPoint presentations.
  1. Don’t get wordy.  Don’t fill up your slides with a whole lot of words. That’s Presentation 101 stuff.   On SlideShare, it really doesn’t go over well because viewers are most interested in visually appealing content that gets­­­ straight to the point. Stuffing too many words on your slides won’t leave much room for your images – and, it’s really just plain ol’ boring.   Don’t do it.
  1. Use relevant pictures.   Use pictures relevant to your presentation. Viewers are quickly glancing at images on the screen. If you’re using images completely unrelated to the topic you’re discussing, you might just miss catching the attention of your target audience.   That doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative and out-of-the-box, but be wise about your image choices.
  1. Create headlines that are nothing like this lame headline.   Get it?   Don’t you just hate when marketers write “Create catchy headlines” as if that headline was catchy at all? Anyway, you get the point.
  1. Re-purpose blog posts. This is something I do often.   I will often write a blog post and then extend it into a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming workshop. Or, I’ll take a PowerPoint presentation and turn it into a blog post.   I get the most fuel I can out of my content. You should, too.
  1. Share your SlideShare presentations.   SlideShare provides a one-click share feature which allows you to share your presentation on Google Plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.    You’ve done the work to create a great presentation, a few more seconds of effort is worth it if it means you can push that content out to your connections on other social platforms.

Consistency is crucial. Be consistent in producing content you can use on SlideShare. This consistency will result in sweet rewards provided by SlideShare to users who regularly upload quality content. Posting regularly on SlideShare gives content marketers a better chance of being featured on SlideShare’s main page.