Everybody wants to find ways to make their work day just a bit easier, and the best content calendars are designed to do just that. When selecting your next cloud-based, visual content calendar, keep in mind that it should help you streamline your workflow and collaborate with ease. The right option will offer comprehensive features that change the way you collaborate, communicate, and create a content plan.

Here are 6 content calendar features that will help make your job a lot easier:

1. Grant access to your co-workers for easy project reporting and planning.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for how content teams work best. Calendar tools should offer multi-level roles and permissions, giving you more control over what your team members have access to. You should be able to keep some calendars private, grant access to individuals who need to work within the calendar, and even make calendars available to entire teams. Different user types should allow you to set up teams how you would like them and work in a way that makes sense for you and your organization.

2. Eliminate email chains by tracking everything on one convenient calendar.

Streamlining your workflow is an important step in creating consistent and effective content marketing. So much so that many marketers invest a great amount of time and money into improving their content workflow. In fact, according to research from Altimeter, workflow is one of the top investment areas across the content marketing space (39%). A calendar tool can help streamline your workflow by allowing you to track everything from one convenient content calendar without having to email back and forth with team members.

3. Upload almost every type of file for easy sharing and collaboration.

Want to see a video for YouTube, a picture for Instagram, a product for Salesforce and an email for MailChimp all on one platform? You got it. The right tool will give you the ability to strategize and implement content from every platform that your company currently uses. Since the calendar is all visual, you can easily compare messaging and branding from one location. Simply drag and drop images, text, video, and other file formats into the calendar to compare content and ensure that all messaging is on brand.

4. The interface should be simple and easy to use.

The thought of learning how to use another tool can be off-putting, especially when it is as wide reaching as a content calendar. Any software you choose should be pre-vetted, having gone through numerous updates with feedback by marketers to make the interface as simple and intuitive as possible. It should be easy to learn and even easier to integrate into your everyday tasks.

5. Connect Your Software

Have access and control the most popular marketing softwares from one place. You need to be able to send an email in Mailchimp, strategize a tweet, manage a workflow in HubSpot and create an event in Eventbrite all in one visual dashboard. This allows for unparalleled brand consistency while taking advantage of the unique features different platforms offer. My company’s platform, ATOMIZED, is made to let you be flexible for each medium yet ensures consistency in branding.

6. You see everything in your campaign in one calendar

Marketers sometimes feel like they must be everywhere at once. Though this may not be possible, the right calendar tool will make it easy to gain complete visibility of your content strategy at work. You should be able to see what content is set to publish on each platform and how this content fits into the rest of your branding before the launch date. Any visual content calendar should allow you to get an overall look at all your content in one place, making it easier to identify issues and make quick changes before it is set to publish.

The best calendar tools make your job easier by allowing you to collaborate and manage multiple types of content from one convenient location. Find a solution that accomplishes the above and your content team will thank you.