One of the most common and advertised reasons to curate content is using it to boost your inbound marketing efforts. However, content curation offers many other benefits than just getting found by the search engines.

Save time on writing, or money on outsourcing your blog

Content curation can obviously save time on creating content and make you available for other important tasks. Subscriptions for paid tools range anything between $ 300 to $ 1500 per month depending on the features. For platforms such as WordPress you also have free options like the MyCurator plugin by Mark Tilly.

Content curation option, then, can be a better fit for your needs of you cannot create content in-house. Hiring a full-time blogger can cost you anything upward of $35,000 annually – almost double the cost of leading content curation tools – while outsourcing the blogging effort can hurt your pockets for something in between.

Informal Knowledge Base

For a small team, this personal library can also act as a knowledge base. Your employees and other team members can learn from your experience and expertise. At the same time, team members from different work areas can share their knowledge under your banner. This not only adds to the collective organizational knowledge, but also gives the employees satisfaction of contributing to the company and showcase their skills.

Learn while you promote

Marketing and promotional activities are an inherent part of any business. There’s no escaping these; however, content curation can make these activities beneficial to you and other team members. Content curation activity involves mainly analyzing different sources and choosing the most relevant and current information. So there is a good chance that you will come across many new things and many expert opinions from both business and academic worlds that are beneficial to you.

Become a Go-To source

Just as people will look up Good reads for book reviews or edmunds for car information, there is a good chance that they will bookmark your web site for finding information on the chosen subject.

Personal Library

You can come across a great article or a book anywhere and anytime while surfing the internet. Putting it on your board or any othe tool you use gives ready access to the source when you are looking for specific information.

Establish that you are well read and aware of what’s happening

By sharing content, but more importantly by adding your commentary on the discussed topic, you show that you understand the subject. Every subject is impacted by multiple other subjects, the breadth of the secondary topics that your curate and how you tie them to your main area of work establishes your authority on the subject.

So content curation obviously has benefits, but do they outweigh the benefits of blogging? What do you think?